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Lavender Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray

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The Lavender Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray is pepper spray designed for women.

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Detailed Description

Lavender Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray That Keeps Women Guarded

Sadly, in today's society, no woman should leave home without some mode of personal defense. The Lavender Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray offers an option that any woman can transport to keep guarded without drawing focus onto herself.

Nestled inside an attractive lipstick case, this pepper self-defense spray is sure to ward off every thug there is. All she must do is merely to smile and make it look as though she's going to apply some lipstick, and voila! She can spray the thug and make her getaway.

It's never been more effortless to transport any sort of self-defense gadget. This little half-ounce deterrent canister offers up 20 half-second blasts, or 10 one-second blasts, which have a span of 10 feet.

For that span of 10 feet, any lady can halt the thug before they can come any nearer to her. She could then make a dash for it and shift someplace more shielded.

Moreover, she could touch base with the police. So, then, they could detain the thug plus be able to put the thug in lockup.

This lipstick defense repellent is readily available in 6 lipstick case colors. She's sure to be able to match her wardrobe with these on any given day. There is lavender and there is similarly black, pink, blue, silver, or red.

She should have one for her purse or pocket, auto, home, plus anywhere she goes. The Lavender Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray is going to offer her remarkable protection without needing to be obvious about it.

Likewise, she should hang one from a key chain and keep another in her desk drawer. Nobody would be the wiser.

Once a female has purchased the defensive spray, she should always figure out how to utilize it properly ahead of needing it. When it's needed is not the correct period to try suddenly to understand how to apply it.

In order to make use of this pepper repellent, simply remove the top of the "lipstick" and press down with the spray-part facing the thug. Since it will continue to work around 10 feet away, there is not any need to be super-close to the thug.

This deterrent spray will incapacitate any thug for a couple of minutes to an hour depending on how much is sprayed, how close the thug is when the spray is deployed as well as the thug’s tolerance to the pepper solution.

As soon as the defense repellent has hit the thug, their nose, mouth, throat, eyes, plus respiratory system should all be affected. Breathing will be strenuous, the affected mucous membranes will have mucus, plus the eyes will water and then fold up.

No woman should leave home without her repellent spray at the ready. It is handy and not obvious in any manner whatsoever, plus it seems to appear like every other lipstick case right on the outside.

Learning how to anticipate a severe situation is critical to every woman’s safety and should be done on occasion. Always be at the ready with the Lavender Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray at your fingertips.

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