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Pepper Spray Holsters

Ready to Fire with a Tactical Pepper Spray Holster

Any situation that calls for pepper spray requires you to be at the ready, which is exactly what a tactical pepper spray holster is for. Equipping yourself with a proper holster will eliminate the need for you to fish out your pepper spray from your pocket or your bag. This gives you a couple seconds more to react to any escalating or potentially threatening scenario. A few seconds might not sound like its much, but sometimes, it can mean the difference between having an exciting story about the usefulness of pepper spray and the worst experience of your life. If you want to avoid the latter, consider being holster-ready.

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It's not just a gimmick or a fashion accessory. Guns, pepper sprays, knives, and batons have holsters because you can't just treat a weapon as you would any ordinary object. While most pepper spray dispenser canisters are leak-proof when brand new, it's not a good idea to have one just rolling around in your bag or pockets along with your other stuff. OC pepper spray is a powerful weapon, and it belongs in a proper holster where you have better control of and access to it.

There are plenty of advantages to keeping your pepper spray in a proper holster. One is discretion. A pepper spray concealment holster can look like a nondescript, ordinary object that doesn't really look like a threat. This is true for the Leatherette Pepper Spray Holster that is for either a 2 oz. or a 4 oz. container. It is perfect for mini pepper sprays and pocket pepper sprays you can carry every day with you. Both sizes can easily clip on to most belts. The 2 oz. version has a ring that can hold car or house keys and other small objects, allowing you to always keep your self-defense weapon nearby when accessing your property.

The size of your pepper spray can limit its discretion. For bigger dispensers like the 1 lb. WildFire Fire Master Pepper Spray or the Guard Alaska Bear Spray, there's the full-sized Nylon and Velcro Holster or Bear Spray Holster. You will never be afraid to stare down a would-be attacker or a full-sized bear again, not when you have your spray at the ready. This type of holster is also the perfect size for personal or large home pepper sprays.

Other types of holsters can give you distinct tactical advantages. The handcuff pepper spray combo holster allows police officers to incapacitate a lawbreaker and then immediately have them restrained. A pepper spray with finger grip holster will not only keep your weapon ready but also allow you to spray it without having to take it out of the holster. Choose a holster based on the situations where you are most likely to use them.

When it comes to self-defense, it all boils down to being faster and better prepared than any attacker. That means being aware and in control of your weapon at all times. And to do that, you are going to need a good, sturdy holster.