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Pepper Gel Pepper Spray

How to Defend Yourself with Gel Based Pepper Spray

There have been over 14,000 murders in 2013, according to the FBI, and around 62.3 percent of all violent crimes in the year were aggravated assaults. This makes defending oneself more important today than it ever was, and gel based pepper spray is an affordable but powerful means to get started.

Pepper sprays have oleoresin capsicum or OC in them, the ingredient taken from cayenne peppers, and hence the name. OC pepper spray gel irritates the eyes, throat and nose with an intense burning sensation. It blinds and suffocates a person to a certain point where they can no longer attack you.

While pepper spray is not lethal like a gun or even a taser, it is one of the most effective for self-defense. A single spray of pepper gel on an attacker’s face will incapacitate them, regardless of their tolerance to pain. Not only will you be able to defend yourself but also be able to do it without having to fire a gun.

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