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Pepper Shot 4 ounce 10% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream

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The Pepper Shot 4 ounce 10% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Shot Flip Top Live Stream Pepper Spray

Pepper Shot has a 10% pepper spray that can release its content in a liquid stream through a flip-top actuator on the canister. The debilitating content, with a heat rating of 2 million Scoville heat units, has been manufactured with a pepper grain that is much finer than that of most other types of pepper sprays. The innovative actuator of this flip top live stream pepper spray has been designed to provide additional safety and security for the user. With the feature in place, you do not have to worry about spraying someone accidentally or too many seconds too late to stop an attack.

Owing to its flip-top actuator, the Pepper Shot 4 oz. 10% Flip Top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream allows you to respond as quickly as you can against assailants. In addition to minimizing the risks of accidental spraying, this component increases convenience, and more importantly, speed of use. With practice, you can achieve a sweeping, virtually one-step actuation such that you can open and activate the device in a fluid motion during situations in which every second counts.

Pepper sprays are some of the most popular self-defense weapons because they are non-lethal yet very effective in disabling attackers. They instigate a harrowing burning feeling that will make any attacker think twice about pursuing the attack. There is no need to worry about causing another human being permanent bodily or physical damage, even if they have attacked you. It is highly recommended that you have one with you at all times.

The 10% concentrate of oleoresin capsicum (OC, the primary ingredient in pepper spray) in Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays is formulated to cause more than the expected burning pain. It will also make the mucous membranes swell, as a result of which breathing will become difficult. The veins in the eyes will also become inflamed, leading to the eyes closing shut. These effects, which can last from 30 to 45 minutes, can give you the time you need to run away.

The Pepper Shot Flip-Top Actuator Pepper Spray is considered one of the best stream pepper spray devices not only due to its distinct actuator. It is also because the Pepper Shot manufacturer uses fine pepper grains that are believed much more effective than the coarse grains used commonly. It can produce 18 to 20 one-second bursts to quickly cover a distance of 15 up to 18 feet. All Pepper Shot stream sprays come equipped with a locking actuator, too, designed to provide users with one more layer of protection.

Many people who put utmost importance in their safety choose to buy small pepper spray products like this one for good reason. Their small size allows these sprays to be carried easily and hidden on one’s person, such as in the hand. However, this 4 oz. canister is not so small that you might use up all that stopping power before taking down the aggressor. If you understand that firearms are not the only options of self-defense weapons, try a flip-top actuator pepper spray in this size.

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