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Pepper Shot 3/4 ounce 10% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream

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The Pepper Shot 3/4 ounce 10% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Shot Flip Top Streaming Type Pepper Spray

A flip top streaming pattern pepper spray is a dangerous weapon. Pepper spray is non-lethal, but whoever gets a shot in the face is going to have probably the worst experience of their lives. Thankfully, this particular product is equipped with a flip-top actuator. What is that? It is the actuator at the top of the unit, which covers the trigger button. This safety feature ensures you do not accidentally unleash pepper spray on yourself or any non-hostile person.

Thus, you can be sure your Pepper Shot 3/4 oz. 10% Flip Top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream will not accidentally discharge, even if you haphazardly fish it out of a pocket or a bag. The flip-top feature is more than just about safety. It is also about speedy convenience.

To activate it, you only need to flip the top open and press the trigger in a simple, two-step process. With some practice, you can train either your thumb or your forefinger to shorten that process into one liquid motion.

Anyone unfortunate enough to underestimate the Pepper Shot Flip-Top Actuator Pepper Spray is bound to regret it. What can a liquid stream of 10% OC do to a person? While this formula is non-toxic, non-lethal, and non-flammable, it can dish out the terribly intense effects of pepper spray: searing pain and inflammation in the nose, eyes, and the upper respiratory system. The eyes will close uncontrollably. Tears and mucus will flow as the body defends itself. Uncontrollable coughing ensues.

Much like all formulas with 10% OC, which is the standard for most pepper sprays, the end result is temporary and partial immobility for 45 minutes to an hour. Scientifically, this kind of pain and discomfort can be measured in the Scoville Scale, and in this case, it is 2 million Scoville Heat Units.

You can see video proof of the debilitating effects in online Pepper Shot pepper spray reviews, where the product is live-tested on some brave individuals. Should you fail to deter an attack after a single spray, don't worry. This one can dish out 6 to 10 one-second bursts of liquid pepper spray, shot up to a distance of 6 to 8 feet. Its stream pattern will allow you to immobilize multiple targets if necessary.

As handy as a mini pepper spray keychain ring, the solid clip on its side can attach it securely right to your belt. The small size and weight of this mini Pepper Shot stream pepper spray can probably allow it to also hang onto clothing instead of an actual belt.

If you want a liquid pepper spray stream vs fogger pepper spray, this particular model can provide the former, as it is a direct-stream liquid spray of 10% OC solution pressurized with CO2. It also contains a non-toxic vegetable dye that can corroborate an incident by aiding in identifying a sprayed assailant. All of that can be unleashed with a simple flip of the top and a bit of pressure on the trigger.

The Pepper Shot 3/4 oz. 10% Flip Top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream is proudly made in the USA.

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