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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Purple

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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz fashion leatherette holster and Quick Release Key Chain pepper spray in  leopard black and purple.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Purple

Instigating ample pain into any hoodlum, the Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Purple further triggers the enlargement of the mucous membranes. This signifies that respiration will be made more challenging.

The nose, mouth, throat, and lungs will all be affected. Too, the veins in the eyes will expand and, so, the eyes will close for a period of time. The hoodlum will not truly have a shot at victimizing you.

Even though those impairing effects will not be eternal, they may remain for as long as fifty-five minutes. This supplies the person who was about to be victimize with tons of time to flee the scene of the crime and seek assistance.

Over one hundred years back, Wilbur Scoville, an American pharmacist, developed a scale wherein the concentration of a pepper´s burn might be measured. By way of example, sweet bell peppers are ranked zero whereas the blistering habanero ranks at about 350,000 heat units.

The compounds present in what are classified as pepper repellent sprays are called oleoresin capsicum or OC. These score with at least 1 million Scoville heat units. However, the Pepper Shot scores with 3 to 4 million such units.

The grains that this leopard print defensive spray is created using are fairly fine and way more helpful compared to the rougher grains employed in other pepper deterrents.

This model, correspondingly, incorporates a built-in safety locking actuator that prevents any unintended discharges. It furnishes five one-second squirts with which to bring down the hoodlum within a span of some eight feet.

Any hoodlum, upon exposure to the Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Purple, should suffer from a burning sensation to the skin, respiratory system, plus eyes.

Moreover, this deterrent spray contains a UV (ultraviolet) dye that will mark the hoodlum, permitting the police officials to distinguish them swiftly from other suspects as well as other people in their vicinity.

Apart from black and purple, this pepper repellent could be had in the theme of black and orange or black and white. Its leopard printed leatherette holster is wonderfully soft, super-portable, plus very stylish.

As a matter of fact, this defensive spray likewise features an immediately released key chain that may be linked to a belt loop for painless access.

Listed below are the features of the Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Purple: •½ ounce of pepper product •Five one-second shots •Effective until eight feet •Quick key release key chain •Locking actuator • Black and purple leopard print soft leatherette holster

•Ten percent oleoresin capsicum •Police grade •Three/four million Scoville heat unit formula causes excruciating pain •Gives a burning sensation that could last for as long as fifty-five minutes •Contains a UV marking dye that makes it simpler to distinguish suspects

•Made in the United States of America •Thirty-six month shelf-life

The Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Purple is the perfect selection for any individual who is searching for a stylish yet dependable method of self-defense.

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