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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Orange

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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz fashion leatherette holster and Quick Release Key Chain pepper spray in  leopard black and orange.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Orange

In today's society, no woman should leave home without some form of self-defense. That's where the Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Orange will come in.

For under $10, you can possess a deterrent spray and remain safe. It's simple and quick to utilize against any violent person. And, at merely 1/2 ounce, it's not cumbersome and heavy to port around.

Measuring at 10 percent pepper repellent and scoring 2 million heat units on the Scoville scale, it will certainly make an impression on any such violent person. It has a fine grain that is far more valuable than the coarser grains that happen to be in other deterrent sprays.

This fine grain will quickly disperse and result in the violent person having more pain and burning on the skin plus in every one of the mucous membranes. In fact, the mucous membranes will set out to enlarge and render breathing very difficult. The eye areas, too, will quickly swell shut at the same time.

That won't cause any unending damage, and there is absolutely nothing lethal about this gadget. Therefore, you won't have to live with a death on your conscience.

However, bear in mind when spraying the pepper repellent that many violent persons wouldn't care how badly they have harmed you. So, it's you or them.

While the violent person is disabled, you should make your escape. They will be incapacitated for five to 45 minutes so there's sufficient time to bolt and call the appropriate authorities to guarantee future safety.

The Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Orange includes a locking actuator so you won't need to bother about deploying it mistakenly while not required. This is genuinely a great safety feature.

With regards to personal safety, no lady ought to go it alone. Possessing a self-protective product that is somewhere on her person has proven to be a marvelous method to safeguarding herself against violent persons out there.

This defensive spray can take effect for up to 8 feet. You must not be any nearer to hit the violent person with it. The defense repellent furnishes 5 short one-second spurts, which means that you won't have to worry about it running out too early.

If you've ever been concerned about your safety, particularly when out alone during the night, going back and forth from work or on an errand, this defensive spray is the personal defense product that you just must have.

Every lady ought to have several of this reasonably priced, readily accessible defense repellent on hand. She should store one in her purse, one in the vehicle, one out of her desk drawer, plus another one in her residence.

Be secure, be wise, carry the Pepper Shot ½ oz. with Fashion Leopard Leatherette Holster Black & Orange along everywhere you go. Remember, if something seems off about any situation, prepare yourself and remain guarded.

Don't second-guess your instincts. Your life may well depend upon it. Discover ways to properly make use of your new repellent spray and be prepared for anything.

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