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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz. Red Rhinestone Leatherette Holster

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Pepper Shot 1/2 oz. Red Rhinestone Leatherette Holster is a 10% pepper spray rated at 2 million Scoville Heat Units and made with a very fine grain that is more effective than the coarser grains of most other pepper sprays.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Shot Red Rhinestone Pepper Spray for Ladies

If you are a woman who lives and works in the big city, it is especially important for you to be armed with reliable and effective security measures. Part of it is avoiding dangerous areas where you might get attacked, but this is not always an option. Some women have no choice but to pass through these areas on the way to work. And why shouldn't they? Women should be able to go wherever they please (within reason) without getting harassed. While there is no changing overnight how criminals see and treat women, there is a way to make them regret attacking seemingly harmless women: pepper spray for ladies.

The Pepper Shot ½ oz. Red Rhinestone Leatherette Holster is a fashionable key chain pepper spray that is easy to carry. It is one way to stand up to criminals who might be eyeing you as prey.

Covered in a dashing red leatherette holster and eye-catching rhinestones, it might be the best pepper spray for females who value both style and security. More than just a tactical self-defense spray, this weapon is also a fashion accessory. It might even be the visual piece that's missing from the outfit you have been diligently putting together.

As a result, it shares a common characteristic of certain key chain pepper sprays: the ability to look harmless. Beyond just being small and hard to detect, the Pepper Shot ½ oz. Red Rhinestone Leatherette Holster does not at all look like a tool for self-defense. If multiple keychain pepper spray reviews can be believed, this weapon is extraordinarily discreet.

Only the most trained eyes would, at first glance, see it for what it is: an effective tactical chemical weapon. Most criminals, however, will see only a fashionable, feminine accessory that might be a holster for a phone or a music player, at least, until they get sprayed in the face.

The moment a person gets sprayed, they can definitely confirm that those rhinestone-covered holsters are not for some regular gadget but are holsters for pepper spray. 10% OC pepper spray acts fast, and intense burning pain is its first effect. The skin around and on the eyes begin to swell, forcing them to shut instantly. As the lachrymal glands and respiratory system detect the attack, they respond in kind with tears and mucus in an attempt to control the chemical invasion. Any full-grown adult can be rendered immobile by this harrowing experience, no matter how brave or aggressive that person is. And the experience usually lasts for about an hour.

These effects can be administered by any OC pepper spray, even small pepper sprays like this one. Do not be fooled by its miniscule size because it packs the same punch as large pepper sprays with the same 10% OC formulation. In fact, the fine grain used in this formula guarantees 2 million Scoville heat units.

The Pepper Shot ½ oz. Red Rhinestone Leatherette Holster key chain spray has enough juice for 6 to 10 one-second bursts and has a maximum range of 8 feet.

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