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Paracord Rifle Sling

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Paracord Rifle Sling is made of 58 feet of 550 paracord and has metal clips that clip onto a rifle.

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Detailed Description

550 Braided Paracord Rifle Sling for Hunting, Defense, Survival

When hunting, it is very likely you will be carrying your hunting rifle with you. However, when out in the wild, trekking for wild game like deer or boar, you will still want to be prepared for emergency situations. What that in mind, one of the best utility tools to carry is this braided paracord rifle sling.

Using a sling on your rifle will automatically make it much easier to carry around with you as most of the weight now shifts from your arms to your shoulders. However, this Paracord Rifle Sling goes a few steps beyond by turning itself into an all-around survival kit essential.

Paracord, or parachute cord 550, is a special type of nylon kernmantle rope that is much stronger than conventional rope while being lighter and easier to carry. This is why it is often used by the military for their parachutes – hence, the name – and is now a common addition to most survival kits.

This adjustable paracord rifle sling for sale can be used as a simple sling for your hunting rifle. It has metal clasps to latch onto your weapon, and it has a stretchable nylon strap that can be adjusted for your comfort. Because it is made of paracord, it will not break even when after years of wear and tear.

As a rifle sling out of paracord, it does the job well, but when the going gets tough and you end up in an emergency situation such as your truck getting stuck, your game being too heavy to carry, or you end up lost in the woods with no shelter, then you can unbraid the paracord and use it as a utility survival tool.

When unbraided, this special rope reaches a full length of 58 feet. Unbraided, you can use it to tie branches together and make yourself a make-shift shelter while in the woods, or you can use it to tie the food you’ve hunted. You can also use it as a clothesline to dry wet clothes.

More importantly, it can be used as a fishing line, a restraint for live game, or a tourniquet in case you or a friend has been injured, and it can be used to rappel down cliffs or to tow your truck. Because of how strong paracord is, it won’t break even when used for such difficult tasks.

Even if you don’t carry a rifle with you, it is essential to carry this paracord sling with you. You never know when you might need it, especially when camping or testing out your survivalist skills. You can even just attach it to a bag or pouch instead of a rifle and it will work just the same.

Bringing this paracord gun sling knot with you at all times will guarantee you’ll be more prepared for any type of situation that comes up. Even if you don’t own a rifle, just bring it with you and add it in your survival kit to ensure you have a sturdy rope to use in case you find yourself needing one out in the wild.

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