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Paintballs - 250 pack

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Paintballs - 250 pack for use with blowguns.

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Detailed Description

250 Paintballs for Rapid Fire Paintball Blow Tube Gun

Regular paintball can be an expensive, troublesome, and time-consuming thing to get into. Not only do you have to worry about your gun and your ammo but also the safety equipment that you need in order to play safely. There won’t be any need to worry about stuff like that when you are using a paintball blow tube gun. A converted paintball blowgun is not only much more affordable, it is also a lot safer than regular or standard paintball guns that use pressured air to propel ammunition.

With 40 caliber blowgun paintballs, the only air you will need is in your set of working lungs. And when you are armed with a paintball blowgun mini paintball battles can be safely done in the comfort of your own backyard. There won’t be a need for special safety equipment or elaborate area modifications for ensuring the safety of bystanders. You can forget about the full battle gear and special armor that will allow you to take high-speed paintballs from unforgiving guns that can bruise bare skin.

For an afternoon of paintball blowgun war, the only truly essential equipment that players (especially children) need for safety is a pair of goggles to protect the eyes. Along with instructions not to aim for the face, that is enough to ensure the safety of every paintball blowgun warrior on the battlefield. You are also going to need this Blowgun Paintballs 250-Pack so plenty of people can join in on the fun. This way of shooting paintballs is simply much cheaper, less troublesome, and tons safer than the regular version.

It’s a fantastic excuse to shoot your family and friends with different colors of paintballs – talk about one fun afternoon. And to start, you’ll need to modify a .40 caliber blowgun with the Splatmatic attachment. This special device turns any silent but potentially deadly .40 cal blowgun into a toy that shoots harmless paintballs. Each of the ammo pieces in this Blowgun Paintballs 250-Piece Pack is designed to be used with .40 cal blowguns converted with the Splatmatic, which can attach to any of the available blowguns here of varied lengths (72, 60, 48, 36, 24, and 18 inches).

If 250 paintballs are too much for you, you can opt for the 100-pack, which is better for small groups or solo practice (just to get your aim right before the actual paintball battle). If you’re serious about declaring paintball war, the 1000-pack of paintballs might interest you. There’s even a magazine quiver for the Splatmatic, which will allow you to instantly reload once the paintballs on your converted blowgun are spent.

Can a paintball blowgun shoot darts? Of course they can; before you convert a .40 cal blowgun into one that can shoot paintballs, its regular ammunition are steel darts that, with the proper breathing technique, can go through ¼” of plywood with no trouble at all. With darts, you can practice target shooting, or even hunt small game like squirrels. If you get enough practice shooting darts, you might even be able to literally shoot birds out of the sky.

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