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Paintballs - 1000 pack

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Paintballs - 1000 pack for use with blowguns.

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Detailed Description

1,000 per Pack Paintballs for Blowgun .40-Caliber Repeater

Using a blowgun for paintball matches can instantly change how the game is played. Instead of randomly firing in every direction, you need to aim carefully and be patient. Of course, if you intend on using blowguns, you’ll need the appropriate paintballs for blowguns as well.

Paintballs for regular automatic paintball guns might work for your blowgun but it is better to be sure by buying the type of paintballs made specifically for blowguns. If you use real .40 caliber dart blowguns with a Splatmatic paintball attachment, then this Blowgun Paintballs 1000-Pack is exactly what you need.

The Splatmatic attachment allows you to use paintballs instead of darts with your professional blowgun, making it the best paintball blowgun due to its versatility. One magazine carries up to 20 paintballs, and if you own the quiver, which carries four magazines, you can have over 80 paintballs ready to fire.

Keep in mind, though, that even 80 paintballs will be consumed pretty quickly. You will need spare paintballs if are going to play a serious paintball game or if you are going to spend a few hours target shooting.

Now, you might be thinking that 1,000 paintballs might be too much for a little paintball blowgun, but also keep in mind how quickly ammunition is spent. Just spending a single afternoon practicing your aim can lead to several hundred paintballs consumed. Having 1,000 in a single pack ensures you won’t have to buy sooner than later.

Using the .40 ninja paintball blowgun for a live match can be exhilarating but it can also lead to quick consumption of ammo. You can keep all of your magazines in the quiver loaded and then carry the remaining 920 paintballs in a portable pouch so that reloading empty magazines is quick and easy.

Having a thousand paintballs is also useful when you have kids and you want to teach them target shooting or if they are just getting into the basics of paintball games. Simply firing from a paintball blowgun can be a fun activity and having this many ammo ensures you won’t run out in just one session.

Keep in mind that these paintballs are specifically designed for the .40 caliber blowgun. They might fit in smaller or larger paintball guns but there is no guarantee. These are specifically made for the best blowgun, which can fire at a consistently powerful rate and hit a distance of 250 feet every single time.

If 1,000 paintballs is too much, you do have the option of availing of the Paintballs – 100 Pack and the Paintballs – 250 Pack. Having just 100 paintballs is good for a quick session of target practice and the 250 pack is perfect for playing with kids or for testing out your blowgun in the open shooting range.

As for the blowgun itself, the .40 caliber blowgun does come in a few variants. The shortest one is 18 inches, but if you want a longer one, then you can avail of the 24-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch .40 caliber blowgun. The longer the blowgun, the more potential it has.

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