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Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe

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The Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight. 

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Detailed Description

Diversion Hidden Safe Pop Can to Discourage Robbers

You have a host of options on how to elude or discourage robbers, larcenists, and other thieves. Diversion safes are some of the great possibilities. This hidden safe pop can diversion here, for instance, will be a magnificent preference for saving your belongings against larceny, burglary, or any other type of thievery.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe may be utilized to keep your things secure at home, at work, or in your bags. It and other stash safes like it can save those things wherever and whenever you want. These safes are valuable, utilitarian, and also very economical.

On this site, we have numerous ways for you to rescue yourself, your loved ones, and your valuable items from detriment. Among those ways are diversion pop can safes that may salvage your credit cards, your wedding ring, or your documents against being taken away from you.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon diversion can may be with you in your vehicle, on the streets, in a bar, on the subway, or in an art gallery. These protective safes in drink plus food cans and bottles may take care of your belongings in a good number of spaces in the world.

Even grooming and nurturing products may become safes, like the Axe Body Spray Diversion Safe. There are also the vehicle product safes just like the Gunk Motor Flush Diversion Safe, or the Book Diversion Safe as well.

Like the Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe, all of those other defensive safes can go with you out of the house. They can keep your belongings secure from snatchers, shoplifters, and pickpockets. They can also transfer those objects with care from one place into another.

You have a top or a bottom in most of the can safes, if not them all, that may be screwed off and on. There is abundant space inside where you can hide objects, even from robbers who have been visitors in your own home.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe has, itself, a safe interior with the dimensions of 1 inch in weight by 3 ½ inches in height. From outside, it does seem like every other Pabst Blue Ribbon can from the labels to the size and colors, and like most such beer cans.

No one will surmise from outside that there is a safe inside. They will not know that no beer is in there. People will not even really worry themselves with the inconsequential objects in your bags and in your house, which ordinary cans are.

Stealers will only rifle through your bedroom drawers plus your conventional safes for jewelry and antiques. They will not comb through your toilets or cleaning closets, which means that this protective pop safe can will not be known to them.

With diversion safes at your home and office, you can defend your valuables there. The Pabst Blue Ribbon Can Safe is awesome to have in the dining area and the kitchen. You may also utilize it in the garden, the living room, a dormitory, or a boarding house. You may use as well household diversion safes like the Plastic Coffee Mug Safe and cleaning product safes like the Carpet Cleaner Safe.

Interior dimensions 1” × 3⅞”

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