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P2P WIFI Table Clock HD Hidden Camera

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The IntelliSpy P2P WIFI Table Clock HD Hidden Camera is perfect to keep an eye on your home or office.

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Detailed Description

IntelliSpy P2P WiFi Table Clock HD Hidden Camera

When people leave their home or office for the day, they do not think about the home being broken into or things being taken off of their desk. The problem is since people are not expecting that, they tend to overlook the fact that it can happen, and then they are shocked when they have no evidence of it happening. To avoid this being the case, people may consider getting a security camera installed in their home or property. These can easily be spotted though at times, but if people know about the protection that the P2P WiFi Table Clock HD Hidden Camera of IntelliSpy gives them, they will quickly see it is easy to add in a layer of protection.

Appearance of the Surveillance Camera

This is a major plus that a lot of people will like with the P2P WiFi Table Clock HD Hidden Camera. When they look at the camera, they will find it is going to look like nothing more than a regular clock on the table. What they will not realize is that it is actually a camera and recording everything they are doing and can catch them if they are doing something illegally. Without it, people may have to resort to the older-style cameras and those are so obvious that everyone knows to look for them.

Security Camera Can Be Used as a Clock

What could be a dead giveaway is that some of these security cameras cannot be used as clocks. This model from IntelliSpy, though, is going to function exactly like a clock but also have the HD camera to make recording easy to do. You do not have to be concerned about not being able to capture the criminals when they are doing what they are not supposed to be doing. Instead, since this looks like a clock, it will simply be left alone in most cases.

Recording Power of the HD Camera

Generally, when people think of a surveillance cameras, they expect to get the blurry-looking picture the news always shows. The problem is that can lead to some people not getting the cameras for an added layer of protection. However, what you need to realize is that this HD camera record, up to 3 hours of constant footage, in high-definition video. What is even more amazing is the fact it is not 720 or lower video. This spy camera is going to record it in the high-class 1020. Since the recordings are in such high detail, it will make it easier for you to get the clear details you want to have and know it will be easier to stop the criminals in their tracks.

WiFi Capability of the Spy Camera

This is a feature that not all of the clock cameras are going to have. That is the fact it is WiFi-capable, which means it will have a chance to record all of the different things you need but also allow you to have remote access to the spy camera. So, you can be sitting at home and watching what the cleaning staff is doing in the office to see if they are the ones who are taking the lunches out of the refrigerator or you could be sitting at work and monitoring the home to see if the burglars are going to come back and break into the home again.

Portability of This Covert Camera

Another feature that is nice with the covert camera as well is that you can take and move it from place to place. The difference is that you will have to make sure you hook it up to the WiFi each time. However, just being able to move the camera to different locations can make the major difference in catching someone or not.

Being able to add in some protection to the home does not always come in the form of a home security system. In fact, if people are not careful, they could have some problems because they may just catch themselves going into their home. However, having a security camera can be a great answer. The basic cameras are usually easy to spot, but one like the IntelliSpy P2P WiFi Table Clock HD Hidden Camera is nearly impossible to spot when being used.



Pixel 2.0 megapixel CMOS

Resolution 1080P

Video format ASF/AVI

Frames per second 25

View angle 90°

Distance of motion detection distance about 15 feet

Battery capability 2400mAh

Battery Life 10 hours

Compressed format H.264

Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB

Play software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer

Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS

Mobile phone operation system Android/iOS

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