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P2P WIFI Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera

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The IntelliSpy P2P WIFI Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera is perfect to keep an eye on your home, office, or garage. 

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Detailed Description

IntelliSpy P2P WiFi Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera

There are many types of hidden cameras on the market, and many of them do more than just record images. They are excellent tools for catching people or even catching pets. The P2P WiFi Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera of IntelliSpy is a hidden camera that has more than one purpose. Not only does it serve as a smoke detector, but it also records hidden images in HD. It allows you to maintain surveillance in your office, garage, or home.

It looks like an ordinary smoke detector, and therefore, it does not look suspicious. Smoke detectors are so common that some people never look up to notice them. This is what you want in a spy camera. You want one that looks like an ordinary object or is completely hidden away.

The spy camera can be used to get the identity of a thief who comes into your home; it can catch the image of a person trying to get unauthorized access to your office; it can show the behavior of an unscrupulous nanny, or it can catch a pet in the act of destroying an object. Most people work out of the home, and therefore, it is not possible to find unacceptable behavior unless there is a camera there to record it.

However, if the surveillance camera is not really hidden, people, such as thieves, can quickly know that they are being monitored. That's why cameras that are disguised as smoke detectors are an excellent approach for monitoring.

Just as there are many hidden cameras on the market, there are many hidden cameras as smoke detectors on the market. Not all of these cameras are a good buy. You should never buy a spy camera unless it is safe and recommended.

There are many benefits to the P2P WiFi Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera:

1. The smoke detector is not only rechargeable, but it's also portable. Therefore, it can be placed anywhere fire and smoke inhalation could happen. This makes it ideal for home or office use. It is easily attached to the ceiling and ready to get to work in minutes.

2. The detector has a video that can record, up to 4 hours continuously, to an internal memory card with a maximum capacity of 32GB. That's plenty of storage to do the job correctly.

3. The camera is designed for catching motion detection from up to 15 feet away. Therefore, the footage that you need to see is what you will find. With some covert cameras, you spend hours and hours going through footage that gives you no information. However, the need to go through hours of useless footage is no longer necessary with the P2P WiFi Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera.

4. The covert camera is placed in a way for it not to be detected by thieves or by people who should not be in your home. It not only helps to catch people who intrude, but it can also serve as a nanny cam to help keep your children safe. More and more people are relying on hidden cameras to do the job that they are unable to do due to absence from the home.

Hidden cameras placed in a room without a person's consent are legal in most situation. When the surveillance becomes illegal is when the secret camera is placed in areas that are considered private. For example, the bathroom is not an area where it is legal to put a smoke detector with a camera. These rules must be followed or any evidence gathered from these devices will prove worthless in court.

5. The P2P WiFi Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera is designed for the user to review footage remotely from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Also, the downloadable app allows you to control the recording functions from remote locations. Therefore, you do not need to wait until you get home or return to your office or go back to where the camera is located to get an image. This works especially well in some situations, such as a burglary in process, where being home could threaten your safety.

The best hidden camera smoke detectors hook into your WiFi quickly and easily. The result is a live feed of your home or office and what's going on in it.



Pixel 2.0 megapixel CMOS

Resolution 720P

Video format ASF/AVI

Frames per second 25

View angle 90°

Distance of motion detection distance about 15 feet

Battery capability 2400mAh

Battery Life 2 hours

Compressed format H.264

Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB

Play software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer

Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS

Mobile phone operation system Android/iOS

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