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P2P WIFI Adapter HD Hidden Camera

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The IntelliSpy P2P WIFI Adapter HD Hidden Camera  is perfect to keep an eye on your home, office, or garage.

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Detailed Description

IntelliSpy P2P WiFi Adapter HD Hidden Camera

Perfectly disguised as a regular AC adaptor, this hidden camera is perfect for both home and office use. It is hard to think of something that can attract attention less than an AC adaptor. Since AC adaptors power many of today’s appliances, it is normal to find one just about anywhere, really. This is the precise the reason why the P2P WiFi Adapter HD Hidden Camera from IntelliSpy is very effective.

You can install the adapter HD camera in any location near an outlet, be it by your desk at the office or in the playroom to make sure that the nanny does her job right. You can rest easy knowing that nobody will suspect its real function.

Motion Activated or Continuous 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording

With this surveillance camera, you never have to spend too much time going through hours of run-of-the-mill footage. This IntelliSpy P2P WiFI Adapter HD Hidden Camera has motion-activated recording that captures footage once it detects movement. Once activated, the camera can record detailed 1080p HD footage of the event. The camera also has a standard, continuous recording mode that operates continually.

Use Your Tablet or Phone to Watch Live Footage Remotely Via iOS or Android App

Today, there are apps for just about anything, and watching live video footage from your tablet or phone is not an exception. After you sync the adapter HD spy camera to the camera app, you can tune into the spy camera as it records. This remote viewing and motion-detecting recording all controlled via a tablet or phone coupled with the tablet or phone controls makes for a comprehensive surveillance system that is flexible and very powerful. With this surveillance camera, you can monitor your office or home continuously and check in from anywhere and anytime.

Wide 90° Viewing Angle Helps You Capture Room Encompassing Footage

Hidden cameras are by their very nature designed to be inconspicuous and small. One unfortunate disadvantage to their compact design is usually the limited recording angle. While this P2P WiFi Adaptor HD Hidden Camera is by no means big, it is effective as a hidden camera because mostly of its disguise as a regular household appliance as opposed to its size. That what makes this hidden camera stand out from others by having a 90° recording lens that is fully capable of capturing the full scope of the surroundings.

Easy and Quick to Set Up – Start Recording in as Little as 10 Minutes

Researching and purchasing new electronic devices is already hard enough and the last thing that you would ever want is to spend hours to set up and learn to use the new device. Luckily, it is very easy to get the adapter HD camera up and recording. Just install the camera in your chosen outlet and sync it to your router using the downloaded app. It is also quite easy to set up on your Wi-Fi network. This security camera has several powerful features including remote viewing and motion detection but is still easy to use and change settings.

Unlimited Recording Time – You Never Have to Replace or Recharge Batteries

For all their positive aspects, hidden cameras also have their fair share of drawbacks. In many cases, the most frustrating inconvenience with small cameras is the short-lived battery life. It is always a hassle to have to remember to monitor devices and recharge them. You also don’t want to miss out on important footage due to a drained battery. Since it is a plug-in camera powered directly via an outlet, this adapter HD camera helps you avoid the inconveniences of battery use.

Compatible with Up to a 32GB Micro-SD Card (16GB Included)

In terms of storage of your footage, this security camera is compatible with up to a 32GB micro-SD card. Once the micro-SD card is full, just plug it into your computer, transfer the recordings, and reinsert it into the camera for additional recording. The included 16GB micro-SD card can record up to 3 hours of continuous video recording.


If you would like a true, unassuming, video surveillance system for your home or office, then you should consider getting the IntelliSpy P2P WiFi Adapter HD Hidden Camera. It will be the best investment that you will ever make towards securing your home.



Pixel 2.0 megapixel CMOS

Resolution 1080P

Video format ASF/AVI

Frames per second 25

View angle 90°

Distance of motion detection distance about 15 feet

Compressed format H.264

Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB

Play software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer

Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS

Mobile phone operation system Android/iOS

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