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Outdoor Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor

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The Outdoor Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor can detect motion from up to 10 meters away and has an adjustable 150 degree motion detection angle.

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Detailed Description

Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor and Receiver for Alarm System

If you want a home security alarm system that can allow you to detect intruders before they even get inside your home (while they are skulking outdoors), then you need an outdoor wireless motion sensor and receiver. With the Outdoor Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor, you do not need lights or cameras in order to find out if home invaders are already on your premises. Not even the stealthiest criminals can hide from a properly positioned motion sensor.

For this wireless motion sensor outdoor criminal detection starts with connecting to the Wireless Home Security System, a special home security alarm system that works on all analog phone lines (but not with some digital phone lines). What makes this alarm system special is not just the fact that it can wirelessly connect to several detectors. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Upon detection by a connected motion sensor, the base unit will sound an alarm and will dial up to 5 programmed phone numbers.

Obviously, the first number can be your own mobile phone. Answer the call and you will hear a message explaining your 3 options: listen in on the room, disarm the alarm, or broadcast your voice via the base unit. If the first dialed numbers are not answered, or if you answer it without disarming the alarm, the base unit will go on ahead and dial the next programmed numbers on the list. This gives you the option of having several different numbers or people monitor the safety of your home, even from remote locations (as long there’s a mobile signal).

This Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor and Receiver from Home Safe is what your Wireless Home Security System needs in order to be able to detect the movement of any criminals lurking near or outside your home. If you have a big home or a large expanse of property, do not worry because for this wireless motion sensor long range connection is possible – it has a radio frequency range of 300 feet. Just look at any wireless motion sensor reviews about this product.

Being wireless allows it to be positioned practically anywhere around your home where a home invader might pass by. There is no wiring necessary, and you can just extend the reach of your home alarms as far as 300 feet from the connected base unit (or alarm). Purchase even comes with a wall mount that will assist you in installing it wherever necessary.

Other than the Wireless Home Security System (HA-SYSTEM), this detector can also connect with the Electronic Barking Dog Alarm (EWD-1). As you can guess from the name of the product, this alarm makes it sound like you have a big unfriendly dog when the connected sensor detects motion. Alone, this particular alarm is practically useless, but it can work together with other devices. It can even connect up to 16 individual motion sensors, allowing it to be triggered by detected movement from different locations.

This Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor and Receiver is powered by 3 AA batteries (that are not included with purchase).

Comes with wall mount and requires 3 AA batteries not included. Can be used with the HA-SYSTEM and EWD-1

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