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Nylon Pink Camo Holster

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The Pink Nylon Camo Holster is made for the MACE Pepper Gun.

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Detailed Description

Runt Small Leatherette Pink Camo Stun Gun HolsterFor women who own a small pink camo stun gun, you need to make sure you can reach for it when needed. All that stopping power would amount to nothing if you can’t retrieve your stun gun and turn it on by the time you are approached by a stalker, rapist, or mugger.Things happen really fast during a real emergency. One second, the attacker could be twenty feet away from you, and the next, they could be rushing towards you to catch you off guard. If you had your stun gun in your bag instead of a leather or nylon stun gun holster, you would never have the time to take it out, turn it on, and use it.A Pink Leatherette Holster for the RUNT Stun Gun is the perfect solution. It combines three essential requirements into one accessory: it allows you to keep your stun gun within reach, it makes it easier and quicker for you to pull the stun gun out when needed, and it helps disguise your stun gun.The main purpose of this stun gun carrying case is to keep your weapon within reach. It should take less than a few seconds for a woman to pull out their stun gun, and the ideal place to achieve this goal is to keep it by your waist. After all, police officers keep their guns and stun guns on their waist, too. They do it because it works in terms of speed and convenience.To make sure you do not fumble when trying to pull the stun gun out, this holster is designed with a simple magnetic clasp. You will not need to undo buttons or clips just to open it. With a single swift motion, you can undo the clasp and bring out your weapon in times of need.The RUNT Stun Gun is designed to be small and easy to hide, and so its holster must deliver the same benefits. The pink leatherette stun gun holster is so small no attacker would immediately notice it hanging by your waist. Even when they do, they would think you are just keeping your cell phone in it.From its size to how it was dyed, the pink RUNT stun gun holster is meant to look like a regular cell phone case stun gun holster. This is to make sure attackers do not suddenly rush you or get violent since they would not think you were bringing out a weapon. They would not think you were going to suddenly fight back for your life.The pink color just adds to this ability to conceal in the open. Women are associated with the color pink, and most criminals would never associate a stun gun with that color. If pink is not your thing, you can also choose from four others: blue, green, black, and purple.With these holsters, you can stay stylish and still stay safe. With your stun gun hiding in plain sight and always in reach, you will always be at the ready.

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