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Necktie Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR

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The hidden necktie camera is best suited for portable hidden surveillance applications and in particular for use by law enforcement personnel during sting operations.

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Detailed Description

Necktie Hidden Video Camera with Built-In DVR

Catching miscreants in the act of wrongdoing can be tricky, even risky, which is why it is important to be discreet when you are trying to gather evidence against someone. While you can opt for a handheld device like a cell phone to capture videos, it could still be easily detected by the suspect; thus, a body-worn surveillance cam like a necktie hidden video camera is the better option. When incorporated into your outfit, a spy camera can hardly be spotted, even at close range.

Being able to focus the lens onto a suspect, like a neighbor who is spreading rumors or an employee accepting bribes, is not enough, though. You also need to be able to record the act. Thus, it is best to have a device with recording capabilities without much fuss or difficulty.

Body-worn cameras like the Necktie Hidden Spy Camera with Built-in DVR are plug and play devices, so there is no need to set anything up, meaning the recording features are built right into the tie hidden spy camera. You can start recording from right out of the box. Simply use the included remote control to start recording.

As for playback, you only need to pop out the SD card from the cam, insert it into your computer’s SD card reader, and watch the recorded video. It is compatible with either Microsoft’s Windows operating system or Apple’s Mac OS. You can also use the RCA cable to plug the cam directly to you TV or monitor, or use the USB cable.

As a body worn camera law enforcement agents and ordinary citizens can use, the Necktie Hidden Camera with DVR is capable of storing 10 hours of video in its 16GB SD card. It can work for three hours on a single charge, and it only takes three hours to recharge.

The best body worn camera for police and civilians alike is one that can do its job, and that is to monitor a subject, even when the latter is on the move. Aside from mobility, a Necktie Body-Worn Hidden Camera also keeps your hands free, allowing you to be alert at all times. Moreover, it can take videos with a resolution of 720x480 resolution, which, in most cases, is enough to pin down a suspect.

There are many advantages to having small hidden cameras. Apart from catching wrongdoers in the act of their devious ways, you can set up a nanny cam at home to keep tabs on your family, or in the office reception area, supplies and files room, break room, and warehouse to monitor your employees.

There are CCTVs that are there for everyone to see so they would know they are being watched, but there are also portable hidden cameras for car use, and those disguised as ordinary household or office items, like wall clocks or mirrors.

It is important to note that when choosing a covert camera , it should blend with the environment, and you also need to consider the lighting conditions. And for mobile surveillance, like when trying to catch a friend’s wayward spouse or for self-protection while on field work, body-worn devices are the way to go.

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