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Multi-Power Supplies

Why Use Security Camera System Power Supply Boxes?

If you are running multiple security cameras at home, then providing power to them all can become quite a hassle. This is where a multi security camera system power supply box becomes a necessity. It will keep things more organized and easier to maintain.

For those who run an office or just want to stay safe at home, a multiple-camera CCTV system is a must. Even the FBI offers some CCTV practices to ensure that you get the most of your home or office security. They are guaranteed to prevent burglaries and other crimes. With multiple cameras comes the need for more power, however.

A multi-camera regulated power supply is plugged into a regular 110v power line. All of your surveillance cameras can then be connected to it. The box will regulate the energy supply, preventing power spikes and sudden electrical drop-offs. This means you can provide power to twelve cameras.

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Surveillance cameras are relatively easy to use and maintain, but they still require some technical expertise. An amateur owner using surveillance cameras at the home or office can benefit from a multi-camera power supply box since wiring them to one power supply makes them easier to maintain.

Learning how to install security camera power supply boxes is quite easy. They are connected to the same 110v power outlet into which you plug a wall charger. Once the power supply box is in place, power conductor wires are connected to the security camera. If the camera is too far, you can always use cable extensions.

It is important to make sure you connect the camera to the right voltage outlet. A CCTV multi camera power supply box may have terminals for 12v cameras and terminals for 24v cameras. Always make sure you plug in the camera to its proper voltage to avoid any mishaps.

Once it is installed, you can supply or cut off power to the surveillance cameras from one spot. If any of the cameras stop working, you can simply head to the power supply box and replace the filter or conductor wire. None of the other cameras will be affected.

Other than the benefit of easy monitoring and maintenance, multi-power supplies also allow you to save up on space. No longer will you have to use up all of the wall sockets in your home or office just to power several cameras. Instead, you use just one power outlet.

To make sure burglars and other culprits do not cut off all the cameras from one spot, make sure that the multi-power supply is located inside the house or office. It is recommended to keep it inside a locked cabinet to prevent other people from opening the box and fumbling with the power supply.

Are these power supplies expensive? A single power supply for just one camera can cost less than $10. That may be just fine if you want to monitor only one door in your office. However, maintaining 9 or twelve cameras at once will become cheaper and easier with a multi-cam power supply.