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Multi-Function Survival Business Card

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This convenient Multi-Function Survival Business Card is one thing you shouldn't leave home without.

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Detailed Description

Multi-Function Survival Business Card for Your Wallet

With regards to survival items, there are a mass of options to choose among. The Multi-Function Survival Business Card is one of the selections. Its name is a bit misleading in that this gadget offers not merely a blade in the way that other survival cards do.

Principally, it is a multi-tool that comes in the form of an enterprise card. The contraption has 11 individual functions. For instance, it furnishes a knife edge, a can opener, a bottle cap opener, plus a saw blade.

The item is sufficiently little to fit with no problems into one’s wallet. Its design incorporates a key chain plus lanyard hole, allowing for more methods of carrying it around and ensuring that it’s always going to be accessible.

It provides furthermore a 4-position wrench, a wing nut wrench, as well as a 2-position wrench. There are correspondingly a multi-purpose slotted/flathead screwdriver and a direction ancillary indicator to add to a ruler.

The piece measures one inch by one inch, which implies that quite a load of equipment is packed within its relatively tiny frame. This compact multi-purpose survival gadget could bring a broad array of gains to the table.

For a start, you’ll be clear of being forced to carry a big quantity of security tools around. Just about everything that you’ll require in an outdoor circumstance or perhaps an emergency event can be found in a single product.

If you love to pack light and count upon multi-functional devices, then this option is the one for you. The Multi-Function Survival Business Card grants you some needed reassurance. Tuck it inside your wallet and then forget about it until the right moment comes.

Whether you should open a can rapidly or demand a reliable self-defense route, this safety business card will have you covered. All that you must do is to apply the correct section of the device for the specific end.

Most people who own this item are rather pleased with its cost-efficiency. This survival multi-tool is cheaper than 10 dollars plus it brings multiple equipment to the table. If you have to purchase every one of the instruments individually, you’ll need to spend a significantly larger sum on a far less amount of tools.

The gadget is supplied with a diagram that guides you in gaining access to all of the available instruments and make up full use of these. In reality, the contour of every opening or blade will furnish you with a startling inkling of its purpose.

Although you may get stranded in a remote location as a worst-case scenario, beyond doubt, you’ll continue to have the equipment necessary to survive until aid comes along. There are plenty of tasks that you may complete by utilizing the basic tools in the business card.

To cleave through lumber, shear off through tape or meat, reinforce screws, plus measure various items are just some of the actions that you can take applying this security device. It is appropriate, too, for the requirements of persons who’re not survival enthusiasts and are not accustomed to dealing with such equipment.

The appearance of the Multi-Function Survival Business Card is likewise user-friendly enough to permit effortless utilization.

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