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Multi Function Combination Tool Card

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Survival pocket card tool can be used for outdoor camping, fishing, hiking, and everyday use.

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Detailed Description

Multi Function Combination Tool Card for Everyday Needs

Are you tired of carrying heavy tools along with you? Do you want to become equipped for every emergency that you might encounter every day? This Multi Function Combination Tool Card is an all-in-one device that can assist you with almost anything.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you'll always face situations where you might regret not carrying tools like a compass, ruler, or screwdriver. Life is full of surprises, but you don't need to become unprepared for any event that might come your way.

You won't have to carry your utility box anymore because this small card has got it all for you. This pocket-size item will come in handy when you're hiking, camping, or fishing. Nonetheless, it is still very useful on ordinary days because it is handy and you can effortlessly put it in your wallet or your bag's pocket.

The tool card is composed of 10 devices that include a stainless blade sharp enough to cut things made out of sturdy materials like ropes plus sticks.

A stainless blade will correspondingly allow you to cut meat when you need to cook for yourself while camping. It is a must to have this kind of gadget because you don't want to starve while on your adventure.

A 3/8-inch wrench on the blade is moreover included in the collection of useful tools that you'll get in this gadget card. A can plus bottle opener are also some of the features that you'll like. Say goodbye to bringing or losing your bottle opener because now it is attached to a tool card that you can carry anywhere.

Are you feeling like you need a drink in the middle of the night or while walking down the street? Having this combination tool card with a can plus bottle opener will make it simpler for you to grab a drink or open a can anytime that you want or need to.

Do you require to see something more clearly? The Multi Function Combination Tool Card holds an 8x-magnifying lens, which will aid you in reading small letters or characters better.

You might necessitate it at work when you have to look at files or codes that are too small and can strain your eyes. Eschew damaging your eyes by using its magnifying lens, which is further easier to set aside when not being utilized.

For people who are not good with directions, this card is a lifesaver because of its compass. If you want to go on an adventure in the wilderness, you'll still find your way to your destination even when your gadgets ran out of battery because of its built-in compass.

Along with the previous features discussed, there are more gadgets that you'll find in this fantastic product. Tweezers, inch ruler, centimeter ruler, toothpick, plus flat head screwdriver are included, too, in a package of 1.5 ounces.

This awesome merchandise is a great method of becoming equipped for whatever circumstances or situations that you might meet every day. There is no reason now to become unprepared, so get this Multi Function Combination Tool Card to feel more secure and ready for anything.

 Dimensions: 2 3/16"  x 3 7/16"

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