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Motion Alert Alarm

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The 105 dB Motion Alert Alarm passive infrared system detects motion in any selected area.

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Detailed Description

105dB Motion Sensor Entry Alarm for Homes, Stores

On the Website, we have a load of entry alarms and door alarms for homes, offices, stores, and even warehouses. One of them is the motion sensor entry alarm with 105 decibels that is on this page. It can have a security code that only the person who owns it knows.

This 105dB Motion Alert Alarm is an easy and inexpensive but really effective option for securing any entryway. It can defend that entryway with a passive infrared alarm so that attackers, burglars, and any other crook will not be able to come into the house or building.

There are several kinds of door alarms and entry alarms on the market. Motion sensor alarms like this one here are some of the best of the simple kinds. These alarms can keep violence and hostility out of your own space and maybe out of your neighborhood, too.

This 105 dB motion sensor alert alarm itself uses a passive infrared system in order to discover any movement in any area that you have selected. You can then choose to either let the alert alarm take care of the detected motion or not do anything to it at all.

Of course, if the identified motion has to do with a potential break-in to your house or store, then you should utilize the motion alert so that the depraved incident will be stopped. If the felons have already gotten in, you can still make them move away with this Motion Alert Alarm.

For example, if robbers or aggressors would like to break and enter the main entrance to the home or store, then this security motion alarm will be there not to let them in. If they have arrived through some other path, it will still be there not to let those robbers or aggressors get out of there with all of your valuable items.

You can locate the 105dB passive infrared motion alarm near any door or entry area. It can be mounted simply and easily whether you have liked it to be vertically or horizontally. It is really up to you which of those two ways you want it to go.

The Motion Alert Alarm is able to encompass a personal security code that only the persons or family that own the alarm will ever have to know. Your unit can possess its own such code that no one else can see or tell.

This motion alert for home or store entry may be used as well in an office, a home office, a warehouse, or even a stadium. In all of those other buildings, it can prevent the entry of burglars, shoplifters, and other such assailants. They cannot depart with your belongings.

The defense alert alarm can be set up to utilize a two-tone entry chime in the place of the alarm sound. When you have family, friends, customers, workers, or trusted relatives coming into the house or building, you can just get the alert to use the two-tone chime instead.

It is a battery-operated alert alarm that uses a 9-volt battery. That eliminating the need for any sort of wiring whatsoever.

The mounting screws for the Motion Alert Alarm will be included with your purchase.

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