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Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor

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The Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is an effective low cost motion alarm that can be used to effectively to deter an assailant.

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Detailed Description

100dB PIR Travel Alarm with Motion Sensor & LED Flashlight

No matter where you go, there is always the chance of someone going to attempt to step in and steal your luggage or break into your hotel room to steal your valuables. With that said, however, you can scare them with a non-lethal travel alarm with motion sensor and LED flashlight, preventing you from getting into direct conflict.

After all, getting into a confrontation should be the last resort. If you can scare a thief away or at least draw enough attention so that other people would come to your assistance, then you will not need a lethal method of defending yourself. That is what this Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor achieves.

The motion activated ultrasonic alarm does this by emitting an ear-piercing sound that continues for 15 seconds, immediately drawing attention. The alarm sound is patterned so that anyone within earshot will recognize it as an alarm calling for help.

As a matter of fact, the sound is so loud it reaches roughly 100dB (decibels). This means it is roughly as loud as an airplane taking off or a gunshot. This ensures that the sound will be heard even when you are in a busy, crowded area like a loud market.

The motion sensor alarm noise will draw people’s attention, and most of the time, that is enough to dissuade thieves from continuing with their plan. They will immediately try to run and get out before they can get caught. Others will be surprised by the loud sound, giving you the opportune moment to either knock them out or run to the authorities.

Here is how this motion activated outside alarm works: if a thief gets near and steals your wallet or your luggage, you just have to pull the cord on the alarm and it will immediately sound off. To turn it on, just slide the cover down and turn the switch.

Some people place the alarm in their bag and then tie the other end of the cord to their belt loop so that it will automatically be pulled and triggered if a thief tries to take their bag.

You can also use it as a motion alarm, which is useful if you want a simple sound alarm to keep watch over your hotel room. Just turn the switch on and place the motion sound alarm near your hotel door. It will automatically sound off the moment it senses motion within 9 feet.

Since it uses PIR (passive infra-red) technology, the alarm does need to face the direction of the door in order to detect motion from that area. You can even use this feature to ensure your kids or pets do not walk into a restricted area without you being alerted.

This is not just a portable sound alarm – it also comes with a built-in LED flashlight. It can help you see in the dark, but it can also be used as an additional tool to temporarily surprise and blind an attacker, giving you the chance to run or defend yourself.

Powering this travel alarm are three AG13 batteries, all of which are included with the alarm itself.

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