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Mini Alert Alarm

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The Mini Alert Alarm uses passive infrared technology to protect a room from intruders.

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Detailed Description

Motion Sensor Alarms for Apartments, Condominiums, Stores, Offices

Here on the Website, we are a stack of home alarms, from voice-activated alarm systems to door and window alerts, and several other such home products. This is one of our motion sensor alarms for apartments and condominiums as well as stores plus offices.

It is the 120 dB Mini Alert Alarm, which uses passive infrared technology in order to defend any room from invaders such as burglars or attackers. It is a practical and easy-to-uses safety alarm, plus it is really affordable for anybody to buy at all. You have a very good but very cheap home alarm with this one right here.

Out there are a mass of home security alarms and devices for persons or families to select from. This motion detector alert alarm is one of the best of the simplest types. It utilizes an infrared hurdle to protect a room from intruders and even bad neighbors or relatives.

By producing an infrared triangle, the Mini Alert Alarm creates an unseen barrier that is impossible for anyone to penetrate without setting the alarm off. With this infrared triangle in place, the room is safeguarded all of the time against danger or also antagonism.

It means that there cannot be any break-in to the most important rooms in your apartment or condominium or really any other kind of house. The housebreakers will not be able to go into those important rooms even if they have already stepped into the apartment, condominium, or other house itself.

This mini motion activated alarm is, in truth, a 120 decibel alert alarm. 120dB mean that it is louder than a lawnmower, which has 90dB in the average, or even an auto horn at 1 meter or a steel mill, which both have 110dB of sound.

As a matter of fact, among the motion detector alarms, this one has noise akin to that of a chain saw or also a thunderclap. Both of those things as well have an average of 120dB of noise.

The 120dB Mini Alert Alarm that is for condominiums and apartments is also a good alert motion sensor alarm for offices as well as for stores. It can secure office rooms for commerce, the news, and all types of business against aggression or intimidation.

All kinds of stores can be defended as well by this security mini alarm. Prowlers and interlopers will not be able to get in. If they have stepped in by some curious means, the mini alarm can make them step out and without taking your significant belongings with them.

The 120dB protection alert alarm can be moved easily and sensibly to a new location of your choosing. There is really nothing else to it but to physically move the alarm to a different space in the house or building.

It is a battery-operated mini passive infrared alarm that needs only three AA batteries in order for it to work. There is no wiring involved, and no cords or cables are required to keep it in place.

This Mini Alert Alarm has both a 120dB alarm plus a 95dB chime. There is a mounting bracket that is included with the purchase.

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