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Magnetic Door Alarm

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This compact, attractive Magnetic Door Alarm uses magnetic affinity to initiate its 110 decibel siren.

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Detailed Description

110dB Magnetic Door Alarm System for First Warning Security

Believe it or not but there are many cases of burglaries and home invasions where the perpetrator walked right through the front door. Many will try to break in by unlocking a window or breaking a back door. You can prevent this from happening with a simple yet powerful magnetic door alarm system.

It might seem like a simple device but using a surface magnetic door contact for intruder alarm is actually one of the most effective means of stopping a burglar. The moment the door or window opens, the alarm will sound off, instantly scaring them away.

The 110dB Magnetic Door Alarm is small, easy to set up, and easy to use. It also looks quite fashionable no matter what kind of door or window you have, and because it is 110dB, you are guaranteed it will be loud enough to scare off the burglar and alert you and the neighbors that an emergency is happening.

Installing this magnetic sensor alarm door contact device is very easy. All you have to do is place the alarm base on your door or window, bolting it down, and then place the actuator strip on the door or window frame. The two should be aligned.

Simply turn the device switch on to activate it. When activated the base and the actuator will have to remain aligned. Once the door or window opens and the two are no longer aligned, the base unit will sound off.

Because of its effectiveness and design, it is the most advised alarm for sliding glass doors and full glass pane windows that slide up or to the side. If you use adhesives instead of screws to bold the units to the door or windows, you could also use them to protect your dorm room or even your rented hotel room.

But how loud is 110dB? Going above 100dB, the sound will be almost as intense as a car crash or a slightly distant jet engine. It is almost as loud as a nearby gunshot. Whispering generally measures only up to 25 to 30dB while a normal conversation can get as loud as 50 to 60dB, so imagine what 110dB can do.

An alarm this loud and persistent is very effective in dissuading would-be invaders. The alarm will draw attention from neighbors and people passing by, and no perpetrator would want prying eyes, especially if a police passed by as it increases their likelihood of getting caught.

The sound might also cause sudden pain to the ears, and it might momentarily disorient, confuse, or stun them. You can use this short moment to run to safety, call for help, or if needed, use a non-lethal weapon like a pepper spray.

The magnetic door alarm price is already pretty low, which ensures you can buy as many as needed to protect your home, business, or office. To make it a better deal than it already is, the unit already comes with three lithium button cell batteries, which ensures you can use your alarm right out of the box.

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