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Mace® Screecher Alarm

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The Mace® Screecher Aerosol Alarm emits an ear-piercing blast readily recognized as an emergency call for help.

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Detailed Description

Non-Lethal Mace® Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm for Protection

A non-lethal method of scaring off a thief is always better than one that requires direct confrontation since you now do not have to worry about getting hurt. A perfect example of a non-lethal self-defense tool is this Mace® Screecher Personal Alarm for protection.

The Mace® Screecher Alarm achieves this by emitting a powerful, ear-piercing sound alarm. The alarm sound is patterned so that anyone who hears it will instantly recognize it is a sound calling for help and attention, similar to the sound used in home alarms that let the neighbors know a thief has broken in.

In many ways, it works similarly to the personal alarms for the disabled or sickly; all you have to do is raise the personal alarm and press down on its actuator to blast off a loud alarm sound. Its portable design and simple function is what makes it the best personal alarm for elderly people and even kids.

The sound it emits reaches a total decibel of 125. Decibels are the units to measure the intensity of a sound, and 125dB is about the same intensity as the sound of a jet plane taking off or a nearby gunshot. That makes it incredibly shocking to hear, especially for attackers or thieves not expecting it.

Its design is also reminiscent of other non-lethal Mace® products such as pepper sprays. Pepper sprays are often used for direct confrontations, however, although you can use them if you got no other choice. Simply use the Mace® Screecher to shock the attacker and then spray them before they realize what is going on.

However, do not just consider this as a personal alarm to fend of attackers and thieves. It also fits as personal alarms for carers and babysitters. In case an emergency happens and a care taker needs immediate assistance, like if an elderly person needs an ambulance, this alarm is the perfect option.

Using it will get people’s attention and is far more effective than simply yelling for help. A person’s voice might not be heard and the person might not have the option of temporarily leaving the person they are watching over to look for aid. This personal alarm does the job for them and ensures someone will hear it and arrive to offer assistance.

It will fit in your pocket or purse, or put it in a holster and clip it to your belt. It is small, but it has enough charge in it to give you up to 20 short blasts. It is likely you will never have to use it but having more than just a few blasts guarantees you will have a few extra in case the first blast does not do the job for you.

The Mace® Screecher Aerosol Alarm is designed to be simple and easy to use. Anyone from the elderly to young kids will have no problem using it – just raise and press down, as if spraying an aerosol. It can be used to scare off an attacker, shock them for you to retaliate or run, and to call for immediate help.

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