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Mace® Police Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye

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Mace® Police Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Pepper Spray Tear Gas Combo with UV Dye

Pepper spray is a chemical weapon that can easily immobilize a full-grown adult. The same can be said for tear gas. Both of these chemicals exploit the body's natural reactions to foreign, irritating substances. The end result is general immobility. That makes this pepper spray tear gas combo very effective at crime prevention. It can stop any attacker as long as they take a direct shot to the face. It is a dangerous combination that will certainly instill a painful memory in any hardened criminal.

That is the advantage of the Mace® Police Model Tear Gas Pepper Spray with UV Dye. What one chemical can't do, the other compensates for.

Oleoresin capsicum, or OC, in pepper spray causes a burning swelling in the soft tissues around the eyes, forcing the eyes shut, while also causing uncontrollable choking and coughing from swelling in the airways. Tear gas, or CN gas, causes a profuse burning sensation mostly everywhere on the skin it makes contact with, and long-term exposure can even cause vomiting. This is the difference between tear gas and pepper spray.

Tear gas compared to pepper spray can cause much more discomfort and disorientation. Combined into one substance, they become a very efficient, potent irritant that can instantly blind and stun a person. This makes it very easy for you to act fast, escape unscathed, and notify the authorities of the incident. Should your attacker manage to move and retreat after being stung by the substance, don't worry. This cocktail of chemicals includes a backup.

Additionally, the included UV dye in the mixture marks the recipient, even after both the pepper spray and the tear gas have worn off. When your attacker is later caught (which is likely because the combined effects can last for hours), this makes them a lot easier to identify. Just shine some UV light on the suspect and let the UV marking dye do its job. It maximizes the painful effects of this Mace® combination tear gas and pepper spray that, at 18 grams, can spray 8 to 12 feet, for up to 10 one-second bursts.

If you are worried about accidental spraying, that is what the flip-top safety cap is for. The weapon will not discharge if you do not flip it open to press the trigger. The needed finger movement to fire it can be quick but also has to be deliberate, minimizing the risk of discharging the painful irritant accidentally where unnecessary.

The finger-grip dispenser gives you a natural shape to hold on to and press. The included belt clip and key chain give you the choice of keeping the Mace® Triple Action defense spray somewhere easily reachable.

Be advised: pepper spray with tear gas can cause the recipient extremely painful sensations. That is the power behind police-strength chemical weapons. Only use this police pepper spray in situations where you need to stop a threat to life and security. Otherwise, it is a combination of pain and discomfort that you probably would not want to inflict on even your worst enemy.

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