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Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye

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Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye

It has stopped being that safe to accomplish simple stuff such as to stroll throughout the park, like a good run, walk your puppy, etc. Nonetheless, by employing the aid of the Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye, you can do those things more securely once more.

There might be hazards lurking around every corner and, at any moment, you might develop into a victim of any useless crime. The fantastic news is that there are techniques by which to shield yourself from the criminal.

This defense repellent has become one of the most popular self-defense sprays in the marketplace. It blends the highest-strength formula of oleoresin capsicum with the power of CN tear gas.

As a result of that blend, it induces breathlessness, profuse tearing, disorientation, plus pain. The criminal could cough ceaselessly and choke. In addition, this defensive spray supplies a UV marking dye, which is invisible to the human eye.

With the UV dye, the cops will be capable of telling who the criminal is in a police lineup. As well, you do not even need to spray them directly in the face. If you were to miss the facial area and hit their chest, they will be afflicted with the pepper plus tear gas spray immediately.

If you were to end up within a threatening event, you can guard yourself with no trouble by applying this defense repellent. It provides extreme power by containing 10% OC pepper, CN tear gas, plus UV dye.

The Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye is an eleven gram item that can be spurted between five and fifteen short shots. Every shot can reach a scope of twelve feet. Simply spray and get away!

For that eleven gram scope, within those five to fifteen shots, you could obstruct the criminal while they could not chase after you. Afterwards, you ought to step to another setting that may be more sheltered than your current one.

Correspondingly, you could mix the cops in so that they come after the criminal. The cops can spot them, and seize them plus hold them in the detention area.

This defensive spray features the very first style of the Mace Flip & Grip for fortification that is safe and fumble-free. Mistaken discharges are prevented, thanks to its flip-top safety cap along with its finger-grip design.

This finger-grip design causes it to be quite effortless to point and direct without hitting the other individuals in the vicinity. Additionally, due to its compact size, this OC deterrent can fit without any snag on a key chain.

Or, perhaps, you could even toss the spray into a pocket, put it your wallet, or place it onto a purse or an evening bag. This repellent spray is not merely potent yet likewise simple to operate and straightforward to mask.

In terms of your personal protection, it is best to be safe, not sorry. The Mace® Pocket Model - Tear Gas with UV Dye is an outstanding OC deterrent that can significantly hinder criminals and make you more safeguarded every day!

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