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Mace® Pocket Model 10% Pepper Gard®

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Mace® Pocket Model 10% Pepper Gard® is a superior formula of high-grade OC pepper designed to make the eyes slam shut, causes uncontrollable coughing and choking, plus a painful burning sensation.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Pocket Model 10% Pepper Gard® Across Meanness

A trouble-free way to shelter yourself across callousness and meanness on the streets when you are all alone is to acquire a weapon that crooks is definitely not expecting. There exists a product known as the Mace® Pocket Model 10% Pepper Gard®.

You might like to think about employing it vs. crooks since it has demonstrated to be very reliable. It will assist you to deliver more than a single spurt of pepper deterrent at them.

Those who have suffered from the temperature of a chili pepper before understand just how much it hurts inside their mouth. Now then, imagine if it would enter your eyesight. If it did, it could be excruciating.

The eyes would water, plus they would eventually slam shut. This is just what a crook would feel once they are introduced to a face filled with a defensive spray. Nevertheless, they would feel it many times over.

Oleoresin capsaicin, the operating ingredient in pepper deterrents, can be unearthed from chili peppers. And you can obtain that in the correct volume incorporated with this very defensive spray system.

It is constructed of high-grade OC pepper so potent that the crook will probably be writhed in agony in under a second after it makes contact. This defensive spray is designed to be convenient to bring plus to operate.

That renders it conceivable for you to shelter yourself without the crook even knowing you have the spray. When it strikes them, they will cough uncontrollably or even choke. It will affect not merely their eyes yet, too, their lungs plus all of their mucus membranes.

You will see a great deal of discomfort on the crook. They are not likely to be curious any longer about popping you out. This OC repellent can provide maximum protection for folks who would otherwise be unable to guard themselves.

The style of the Mace® Pocket Model 10% Pepper Gard® itself also makes it an incredibly viable product to transport with you wherever you happen to go. It is truly compact, plus it possesses a finger-grip dispenser.

This implies that, upon having it in your hand, you press down and the spray is going to be released. It is additionally built to fit very comfortably in smaller hands, potentially because it will be utilized by women in many instances.

Every one of these containers carries a 15 gram unit, one that can be dispensed five times, going until a distance of 12 feet. It is strongly suggested that you apply it in closer proximity towards the crook on their way to you with accuracy.

If you are able to directly hit them in their eyes merely a foot away, then there is not any way that they should be able to recover for maybe one hour. This is the period when you could cut and run before they can come after you again.

The Mace® Pocket Model 10% Pepper Gard® can impede the crook so that you could proceed to a more shielded space away from the scene of brutality. For additional information and to purchase the item, simply visit us at the Revere Security site.

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