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Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case

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Attractive Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case Models fit easily in a pocket or purse.

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Regular Price: $14.95

Special Price $12.71

Detailed Description

Mace® Hard Case Model Molded Holster Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays can be some of the best self-defense weapons you could rely on, but not all pepper sprays are the same. Smaller pepper sprays, such as this molded holster pepper spray from Mace®, easily have an advantage because they are easier and quicker to conceal and use when necessary.

A small bottle of pepper spray is much easier to conceal. Attackers have a tendency to become more violent when they see their prey is bringing out a weapon, but they would not notice you have one in the small, key chain size of the Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case Model.

Probably the best mini pepper sprays are the ones with a key chain. This allows them to easily hook to your belt or bag, ensuring you will never lose them. A small pepper spray for runners might get lost due to the constant movement, but if you keep the pepper spray hooked to your clothing, it will always be at the ready.

Just because this is a small, key chain pepper spray does not mean it is not powerful. All pepper sprays contain a high concentration of oleoresin capsicum, a compound commonly found in chili plants.

When exposed to OC, the eyes swell and tear up uncontrollably. A person experiences difficulty breathing as their mucous membranes swell, effectively choking them. Exposure on the skin causes a painful burning sensation. All of these effects can last for 45 minutes to an hour.

Some attackers, especially large muggers or rapists, may have a high pain tolerance. You could whack them in the head and they might just shrug it off. However, pepper sprays will blind and choke them, so even if they are strong, they will still drop in mere seconds.

This particular mini pepper spray keychain, the Mace® Hard Case Pepper Spray, comes with a few additional features that set it above the rest. Perhaps its most defining addition is its glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap.

When you are being attacked at night or in a dark room, you may not have the chance to look at your pepper spray and orient yourself to make sure it is pointed in the right direction. This feature ensures you will be able to point the pepper spray properly because you will be able to see it even in dark areas.

The molded hard case gives this pepper spray a better grip. You will not find it difficult to hold on to while spraying an attacker. You get 5 one-second bursts that reach up to ten feet, and with this easy-to-hold grip, you will be more assured each burst hits its target.

You can hide this small pepper spray in plain sight. It comes in blue, black, red, and purple. Attackers will not be alarmed when they see the fashionable pepper spray because they would not think of it as a weapon until you surprise them with a quick burst to the face.

You can’t go wrong with this mini key chain pepper spray. It is powerful but compact and easy to use.

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