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Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender #80352

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Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender

SKU: 80352


Detailed Description

Mace Flashlight Pepper Spray Combo for Nighttime Defense

Of all 2013 violent crimes, 62.3 percent were aggravated assaults with over 14,000 murders. From 2003 to 2007, there have been over 3.7 million home burglaries, most of which occur at night. Having a Mace flashlight pepper spray combo would have prevented the criminals from ever getting away and could have stopped murders from happening.

Pepper sprays contain a high amount of oleoresin capsicum, which is also found in cayenne pepper. Exposure to pepper spray causes temporary blindness, skin irritations, and difficulty breathing. Even a single spray on the face can stop an attacker from moving normally. Unlike tear gas, pepper spray does not just irritate and discourage. Pepper spray causes a lot of pain that can stop even the sturdiest assailant.

A perfect pepper spray for beginners and experts alike is the Mace Pepper Gun with LED or strobe light. Its shape makes it convenient to use, and if you get it with a gun holster, you can easily reach for it during an emergency. It comes in several colors, too, like camo, pink, and silver.

The Mace pepper spray gun can be fired from any angle, even when you are upside down, without losing its strength and accuracy. If you ever run out of OC, there are OC refills available for the device. Beginners may want to use the Mace Pepper Gun OC/Water and Water Training refill before loading it with pure OC spray.

However, when it comes to home invasions that occur at night, criminals often have one thing on their side: the lack of light. They can use the shadows and the darkness to hide and take you by surprise. Even with a handy pepper spray, you might still get hurt since you would not see where the attacker is.

To remedy this, police officers do not just bring pepper sprays and guns – they also bring flashlights. Since it can be a bit difficult to carry a flashlight in one hand and a pepper spray in the other, a 2-in-1 flashlight Mace pepper spray is the perfect solution.

A Mace tactical flashlight pepper spray is basically putting the two devices together. You get potent pepper spray that can instantly incapacitate any attacker, and it comes with a built-in flashlight.

Another good example is the Night Defender model of Mace Pepper Gel. Not only does it shoot 10 to 20 bursts of pepper spray up to a distance of 18 feet but it also comes with a bright LED light that instantly comes on when the spray’s cap is lifted.

Pepper sprays are most effective when the attacker is sprayed on the face. This will blind them and slightly suffocate them to the point where they can no longer attack. Any pepper spray with light even helps you aim in the dark.

You may not be able to see properly in darkness, and most burglars and rapists even cut off the electricity to make sure you really can’t do anything. With a flashlight pepper spray, however, you will always be able to spot them and spray them down.

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