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Mace® Pepper Gel Maritime Personal Defense Spray

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Mace® Pepper Gel Maritime Personal Defense Spray is an ideal product for personal defense on boats whether on the water or docked at a marina because the thick formula limits the chance of it blowing back, or away from the assailant in windy conditions.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Personal Maritime Extra Large Pepper Spray Gel

Just because you are out at sea or in a docked boat or yacht, it does not mean you are safe from people who would attempt to do you harm. There is always the possibility of an intruder, and to ensure you can fight them off properly and safely, it is advisable to have this Mace® Extra Large Pepper Spray.

The Mace® Pepper Gel Maritime Personal Defense Spray is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that, when used, will incapacitate someone by temporarily blinding them and causing severe burning pain on the skin, nose, and throat, which can lead to excessive coughing and breathing difficulty.

The factor that makes this the best pepper spray gel for self-defense on a boat, however, is its gel formula. All civilian Mace® models, such as this one, contain 10 percent OC (oleoresin capsicum), which is what gives pepper spray its intense heat. The gel is what makes it applicable in windy or constricted areas like a yacht.

When comparing a pepper spray vs pepper gel, you’ll learn that the latter is a more advanced formula that is designed to be heavier. This ensures it won’t be blown towards you when there is a strong wind, a factor very common when on a boat. This will guarantee you’ll only be spraying the target and not yourself.

No blow back also means the wind won’t suddenly drift the pepper spray away from your attacker. This can happen with a regular pepper spray, and as long as your attacker is against the wind, they can avoid being taken down. With Mace® pepper gel, this will no longer be an issue.

Pepper spray gel self defense is also advisable on a boat because it doesn’t overspray. This ensures the pepper gel doesn’t fire off too far and accurately hits the target you are aiming for. It is this feature that ensures you can safely use this to fend off an attacker even in a crowded area like inside a yacht.

Most important is the gel formula itself, and not just because of the signature Mace® 10 percent OC formula. The gel is sticky, meaning an attacker won’t be able to wipe it off their face, even with water. This guarantees they’ll go down and will stay down until you get off the boat and call the authorities.

This canister contains 330 grams of Mace® pepper gel formula. This will allow you to fire continuously up to 6 seconds or at least 12 quick half-second bursts. Remember that it only takes one well-aimed burst to the face to take a person down.

Its design is also a bit different because it features a pistol grip for more intuitive use, and it has a safety pin to prevent accidental use. Both these features ensure that you’ll be able to use it when you want to without having to worry about accidentally harming yourself or others.

There are other Mace® pepper gels although this is the most suitable for maritime defense against pirates, intruders, and thieves. If you want to avail of the others, there is the Mace® Distance Defense Spray Magnum-9 Model, Magnum Model, Large Model, and Night Defender Model.

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