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Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model

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Mace® Pepper Gel - Large Model is a (Patent Pending) formulation of pepper spray which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream.

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Detailed Description

Mace Pepper Gel Large Model for Outdoor Defense

If you are serious about outdoor self-defense and are looking into Mace Pepper Gel large is the size that you want.

The Mace® Pepper Gel Large Model is a 45-gram canister that has enough for 7 one-second bursts, 3 two-second bursts, or even a single, continuous, seven-second burst if you are facing a large number of assailants. The formulation of the gel is perfect for the outdoors, as the substance is heavy enough not to be affected by light to medium winds. Whether you fear being attacked by humans or by animals, or if you are worried about the effectiveness of pepper spray outdoors and in the rain, this gel pepper spray can give you some much-needed sense of security.

The Mace Large 10 Pepper Gel canister can shoot up to 18 feet, allowing you to remain at a safe distance from assailants. A superior firing distance is just one of the many advantages of pepper gel vs pepper spray in other forms. Another is that gel shoots out in a straight, thin stream that is very easy to predict, aim, and maneuver.

When it comes to the effects of oleoresin capsicum via pepper gel, aggravation is twofold. The usual effects of 10% pepper spray will be present: instant blindness from swelling, mucus and tear overproduction, and of course, searing unrelenting pain, all of which can last for up to an hour. That agonizing hour will be punctuated by the fact that pepper gel is a formulation designed to stick to and permeate the skin. The stuff sticks like glue, and the more that a sprayed person tries to remove it with their hands, the more it spreads.

With the large pepper spray gel, you can ward off more than just a couple of humans or animals. This is especially useful if you are stuck in an emergency situation, such as being stranded in the woods. A large canister will not run out as quickly as a regular or a small container, and it can last you throughout the entire ordeal until you are rescued or you find a way out of there. When either a criminal or a hungry animal is staring you down from just a few feet away, you would have better chances of surviving unscathed when armed with this much pepper gel. This canister might just be the only help you can rely on when being harassed in the middle of nowhere.

Should any of that occur during unfavorable weather, pepper gel has you covered. Its formulation allows it to fire with minimal interruption from the wind. Also, because of the nature of the substance, it can still work on and stick to the face even during heavy rains. And Mace® Pepper Gel is non-flammable.

If the only thing preventing you from grabbing this large pepper gel for sale is the fear of accidental discharge, then worry not. Besides a formula that is superior to most types of pepper spray, it is armed with a flip-top safety cap, ensuring it fires only when needed.

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