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Mace® Pepper Foam - Magnum Model

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Revolutionary Mace® Pepper Foam - Magnum Model that contains 10% pepper and foam to produce a powerful deterrent against attack.

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Detailed Description

Mace Pepper Foam Magnum Car, Home Pepper Spray

When you are being attacked in the streets, you will want a steady stream pepper spray so it will not blow back to you due to strong winds. When you are in your home or in a car, however, the Mace Pepper Foam Magnum Model is a far better choice because it covers a larger area and will ensure the attacker can’t wipe the foam pepper spray off their face.

Pepper sprays are generally the same in that their OC (oleoresin capsicum) content causes a painful, burning sensation and can effectively blind and choke them. Even if they are very strong and resilient to pain, they will not be able to hurt you because they will be too busy coughing and trying to see.

However, the delivery of the formula is an important factor. When you are at home or in your car, there is not much wind to worry about. Instead, you should be concerned with covering a large area with a single burst. This is why the Mace® Magnum Pepper Foam is recommended.

It is also different from regular pepper sprays. When comparing pepper foam vs pepper spray stream, the former is newer and more efficient. The foam sticks to the skin like glue. When the attacker tries to wipe it off their face, they will only end up rubbing the OC formula even deeper into their skin, causing more damage.

The foam texture makes it very useful in a home or car setting. People breaking into a home or car usually do not come alone. You want a more potent pepper spray that can deter them as quickly as possible. And you want one that can work against multiple targets, even when you miss a few times.

It might be dark since most homes do not keep the lights on at night. The large coverage of this Mace® home pepper spray foam ensures you can still hit the attackers even when you can’t really aim. If they manage to escape, they can still be identified with the pepper spray’s UV dye.

The marking dye is invisible to the human eye, but simply shine UV light/black light on it and the dye will be as bright as day. Police officers can use this to apprehend the right culprit. You can even use the dye as evidence in court to prove the person was trying to break into your home or car.

When you buy pepper foam, make sure you know how to use it properly. Pepper sprays are pretty simple to use and are non-lethal but still quite painful. Buy practice pepper sprays first to get the hang of it. Take a few self-defense classes as well to help prevent panicking during an emergency situation.

The magnum-sized Mace® Pepper Foam is compact and will fit easily in your hand. You can easily use it one-handed with its flip-top safety cap. Despite its small size, you get 8 one-second bursts, each one capable of reaching a distance of 8 to 10 feet, perfect for home and car defense.

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