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Mace® Pepper Batons Refill

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Refills for the Mace® Pepper Batons.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Concealable Mini 10% Pepper Spray Baton Refill

The Mace® Pepper Baton, for which this pepper spray baton refill is for, is a fogger pepper spray concealed inside a tough aluminum baton exterior, which allows it to be used as a close combat weapon (in a specialized style that focuses on pain compliance and submissions). This combination makes it a very effective weapon for tactical self-defense in almost any threatening situation.

What the Mace® Pepper Baton Refill contains is pepper spray in a fogger form. Foggers were designed to have a wider arc of fire than most other tactical sprays. A fogger will have a mechanism for atomizing the liquid pepper spray inside the canister, and then releasing it as a fog rather than a straight liquid stream. This makes it easier to directly hit your attacker in the face, as well as face off against multiple attackers if necessary.

Inside the Mace® Pepper Baton is enough juice for 3 one-second bursts, or a single 3-second burst to release all its contents. Because of the wide arc of the fogger, that can be enough to fully administer two full-grown adults with the intense effects of 10% pepper spray. And with a Pepper Mace Baton refill, you can extend the effects to a couple more would-be attackers. It is a lot of power from something that looks and functions just like a normal key chain, not to mention it comes in different colors.

From the point of view of a person who just received a dose of pepper spray, a pepper spray baton review would be a much more harrowing read. A profuse burning sensation is immediately felt after the fog makes contact with the face. Swelling happens around the eyes, shutting them uncontrollably and causing instant blindness. As the body reacts to the potent irritant that is oleoresin capsicum (the active ingredient in pepper spray), mucus and tears flow down the face. Combined, these effects produce a very painful, uncomfortable sensation that ends in temporarily being unable to move.

Reloading is quick and easy with the Mace® Pepper Batons Refill container. Simply hold your baton pepper spray firmly with one hand, and with the other, rotate the end of the baton opposite to the key ring. Once the cover is off, release the empty 4-gram container of pepper spray and take it out of the baton. Insert your fresh, new pepper baton refill container. You are now armed with another 3 one-second bursts of chemical stopping power. The simple act of reloading your weapon is an essential part of pepper spray and baton training.

Other than reloading, aiming, and firing the baton pepper spray properly, you can also train for using it as a kubotan. When you hold a Mace® Pepper Baton firmly in one hand, it is essentially a small blunt sword with very minimal range but very painful potential. In the hands of a person with kubotan weapon training, it can be used to break another's hold on you, dig into fleshy and sensitive parts of the body, and possibly even break some bones.

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