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Mace® Fogger Model

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Mace® Fogger Model combines OC Pepper with CN Tear Gas along with a UV Marking Dye. OC Pepper causes eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable coughing and choking.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Car and Home Defense Pepper Spray Fogger

Not all assaults happen in a dark alley at night. Sometimes, you could be attacked in the safety of your own home or in your car. There are many incidents of house and car break-ins, which is why you will need a powerful vehicle and home defense pepper spray fogger to ensure your family’s safety and yours.

Tough men can withstand pain, but pepper sprays go beyond that by incapacitating an attacker. They are superb self-defense weapons. Pepper sprays like this Mace® Fogger Model tear gas pepper spray with UV dye will blind, choke, and cause a severe burning-like pain.

Pepper sprays for the home and car are not the same as those you would use outdoors. When outdoors, you might want a stream pepper spray, as it will not be affected by the wind. Inside a house or car, however, the best home pepper spray is a fogger since it can cover a larger area in a single burst.

Foggers shoot out in a mist so they can cover a large area. When attackers are in your home or trying to hurt you while you are in your car, this larger region ensures you do not have to aim accurately. There is no wind inside the house or car so you will not worry about blowback – just aim and spray.

Using pepper spray in car situations can be dangerous. The limited space you have means you might accidentally spray yourself. However, this Mace® home pepper spray fogger is designed specifically for home and car use with its unique flip-top safety cap and compact size.

The flip-top safety cap keeps you from accidentally pressing the spray button. Things happen pretty fast when you are getting mugged or raped, but this ensures you will not hurt yourself while trying to defend yourself.

The size and design are not the only things that make this one a superior pepper spray for home and car safety. It is a triple-action spray: it uses oleoresin capsicum (key pepper spray ingredient), tear gas, and UV marking dye.

You should not compare tear gas spray vs pepper spray because the two achieve the same results, just with different ingredients and delivery methods. Combining them ensures attackers will be exposed to both and thus not be able to fight back. They might be resistant to one ingredient, but they will not be resistant to both tear gas and pepper spray.

UV dye is added to help the authorities identify the attacker. Sometimes, an attacker is sprayed but will still be able to run away. With the UV dye, the police officers can make sure the guy they have caught is the guy that attacked you. It can be used as evidence against the attacker.

The Mace® combination tear gas and pepper spray gives you 18 one-second bursts that can reach up to 8 feet. You need only one burst to effectively choke and blind an attacker. By having 18 bursts, you can defend yourself even if you miss or you are facing more than one assailant.

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