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Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0

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The Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0 provides distance defense with convenient point-and-shoot accuracy.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0 vs. Unprovoked Attacks

In this menacing world, you will want the Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0, which is in the highest peak of pepper deterrent technology. If you're uncertain of why you would require it, then you likely have no idea what sort of world we are living in.

People in today's globe attacked without provocation and, more often than not, there is no justice. Within that sort of a globe, everyone might need a solid self-protection tool. Not everyone, though, is at ease with the notion of carrying a lethal weapon around, like a gun or possibly a knife.

For that very reason, pepper deterrents are unquestionably fantastic tools. If you're brand-new to them, they are a form of self-defense gadget that hurls an all-out chemical medley, the dominant element of which is oleoresin capsaicin.

That is basically the organic chemical in peppers that makes them spicy, hence, the concept is that you're firing a concentrated mode of that chemical into a bad individual's face. If you've ever stroked your eyes after dicing jalapeños, then you have some thought of how much that may scald.

Nonetheless, jalapeños are verging on candy once juxtaposed to the capsaicin levels in a defensive spray. Hotness is assessed on the Scoville scale, and jalapeños weigh up at around only 8,000 heat units.

The capsaicin that they normally apply in Mace sprays tends to be around 1 to 2 million Scoville heat units. Getting this degree of capsaicin in any individual’s eyes, mouth, nose, plus throat will result in protuberance in them along with a burning sensation within the eyes.

It will all be genuinely agonizing. Nevertheless, it won't be lethal. This will permit you to move away from the bad individual and acquire some safety. Similarly, you should count the police force in.

They would bring the individual into custody and then put them in the penal institution. If you however wish to be certain the system functions, then you must have an incredible defensive spray. This is why you will want the Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0.

It possesses an advanced delivery system, which is designed specifically for long-range delivery. Whereas several canister-style OC repellents can hit merely around 8 to 10 feet, this one can strike from as much as 20 feet away.

That's a far further distance between you and the bad individual, meaning that there is a significantly better probability of getting away.

Just as if that wasn't enough, it arrives with an LED light, which assists for both aiming and generally lighting the area.

Whenever you merge that with its gun silhouette, which makes it problem-free to draw quickly and lets you carry it in its holster as opposed to inside your bag, then you can observe why this is one of the most remarkable OC repellents in the marketplace.

The planet can be an unpredictable space these days. It's arduous to know what is going to take place from day to day. That's why you ought to be secure.

And if you would like to stay secure but don't desire to kill people, then you will need a non-lethal self-defense gadget. What you require is the Mace® Brand Pepper Gun® 2.0.

 Comes with an OC Pepper Cartridge and a Water Practice Cartridge. Integrated Picatinny rail allows you to attach accessories to your Pepper Gun. (3) x 1.5V AG13/LR44 batteries included.

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