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Mace Police Strength Sprays

Mace Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Spray for Civilians

Most people assume that law enforcement strength pepper spray, or police model pepper spray, is available only to the authorities and not to private civilians. This is not true at all. In fact, each state has its own specific set of regulations that govern the sale and use of all types of pepper spray that's available for sale. Mostly, as long as you are 18 years of age and do not have a criminal record, you can acquire one for yourself.

Even though it is marketed as a tool for self-defense, pepper spray is a regulated chemical, and rightly so. It is basically a weaponized version of chili peppers. Every batch of pepper spray has one single active ingredient: OC, or oleoresin capsicum, which is harvested from the same chemical that gives habanero or jalapeno peppers the ability to make it feel like your mouth is on fire. And in a way, it is. Police strength OC spray, when administered correctly and liberally, can cause around 3 to 5 million SHU, or Scoville Heat Units. The Scoville Scale is used to measure the relative 'hotness' of different types of pepper and food. The hottest pepper in the world, the bhut jolokia, registers at a mere 1 million SHU, less than a fraction of what the Mace police spray can dish out.

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The Mace Police Model Pepper Spray comes in two formulations. The first is the PepperGard, which comes at 10% OC. Once sprayed, it can immediately render a person immobile and useless. The person will experience up to 45 minutes of searing pain, coughing, and choking, immediately stopping them in their tracks. What follows is the release of tears and mucus over a couple of hours, as the body's tear glands, mucous membranes, and airways attempt to control the effects of the foreign substance that is OC. No amount of training or conditioning can prepare a person for the full effects of a dose of police grade pepper spray.

The second is even harsher: the Mace Triple Action Police Model with Tear Gas and UV Dye. Besides the usual OC chemical that brings with it all the effects of potent pepper spray, this one also contains CN tear gas, a compound that can further intensify the effects of OC with extra burning, disorientation, and breathing difficulty. Another chemical in this cocktail is UV or ultraviolet dye, singling out the attacker and allowing the authorities to apprehend him or her a lot more easily.

Some of the strongest, hottest police strength sprays can contain around 15 to 18% OC. It depends on the preference of the local authorities as well as state laws and regulations. When it comes to the question of which police grade pepper spray percentage is better for your needs, you just need to look at the situations in which you will need the defense spray. Based on different studies on the effects of pepper spray, 10% is usually enough to render even your above-average criminal useless in a matter of seconds.