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MACE Exquisite Pink Polka Dot Purse Model

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MACE Exquisite Pink Polka Dot Purse Model.

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Detailed Description

It is quite easy to ruin a look. A single element that is out of place can throw off an entire outfit. One thing that’s particularly notorious for ruining outfits is the typical canister of self-defense pepper spray. Because many pepper sprays are either bulky or unfashionable, some stylish individuals tend to prefer not carrying one at all. Now, there are solutions to these problems. Have you ever seen, held, or used a small and pretty pink pepper spray? It can bridge the gap between being a stylish woman and one who is always ready to defend herself.

The Mace® Exquisite Pink Polka Dot Purse Model is a beautiful little package that contains the same OC formula found in all other Mace® Pepper Sprays. While it looks pretty enough to be part of most cosmetics kits, its contents are potent enough to immobilize a full-grown man in just seconds.

Whether you are using a large unit or a pepper spray in purse size, either one can administer the full effects of OC or oleoresin capsicum, pepper spray's active ingredient. Pain is the most immediate effect. It hits sharp and it hits hard the moment the substance makes contact. Swelling follows – inflammation occurs around the eyes, causing the body to force them shut. This effect spreads to the airways, forcing the person to cough and choke.

An entire hour of this pain and discomfort can affect the sprayed person. If they are lucky, it will just be for 30 minutes. Either way, they will be virtually paralyzed the entire time, immediately after getting sprayed. And the best part is that with the Mace® Exquisite purse pepper spray with UV dye, they might not even see it coming.

When you buy lipstick pepper spray, you are also purchasing the ability to surprise attackers. This is why the Mace® Pink Polka Dot Purse Pepper Spray might be the perfect concealable pepper spray for females. Deceitfully harmless-looking, this weapon does not at all look like a tactical self-defense spray. To the untrained eye, it is nothing irregular to be found on a woman, and therefore, probably nothing dangerous.

When your attacker finally figures out you are really armed with pepper spray, they would already be reeling from the painful effects of OC. Also, they will be sprayed with UV marking dye that shows up in UV light, confirming their identity later on when they are identified as a suspect.

Because this fashionable pepper spray looks positively fabulous, you can take it in and out of your purse anytime you want without raising any suspicion or alarm. Another advantage to having a mini pepper spray that can be carried in a small purse is that it will always be handy, anytime, anywhere.

If you are a woman who can't go anywhere without at least her small purse of bare necessities, then this weapon is for you. At a size that's enough for 5 one-second bursts that shoot up to 10 feet, it will be right at home beside your other fashionable, womanly essentials.

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