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Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver

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Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver uses Advanced Delivery System utilizing Bag-in-a-Can Technology.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Pepper Gun Self Defense Spray in Silver

Pepper sprays are non-lethal weapons that can instantly bring down even the toughest opponent in mere seconds. They are quick and easy to use, even for a novice. A pepper gun self defense spray like the Mace® Pepper Gun Silver Model can even improve upon these benefits.

Most pepper spray products are aerosol sprays. If you had to pit a pepper gun vs spray, then the prior would win simply because of its design. Pepper spray designed like a gun is almost intuitive for anyone to use. People know what a gun is, and they would know how to use one even if they have never held one before.

Pepper sprays need to be practiced with, which is why there are practice spray cans that contain only water. You need to practice which angles a spray can effectively hit a target and how to avoid any blowback. After all, you want to avoid accidentally spraying yourself, especially during real-life emergencies.

Pepper spray contains a high amount of OC or oleoresin capsicum, the ingredient that makes natural peppers spicy. Contact with the formula can swell the eyes and mucous membranes, effectively blinding and choking someone while also causing a painful, burning sensation on their skin.

It is non-lethal and lasts for only a good 45 minutes, but just imagine what would happen if you accidentally sprayed yourself while trying to defend yourself from three rapists or a mugger in a dark alley. With the Mace Pepper Gun distance defense spray, you will never have these problems. This pepper gun can continuously spray even when it is upside down or held on its side.

Because of its gun design, people will find it far easier to aim with this device. Regular pepper sprays act like paint sprays or air fresheners, and are thus easy to lose control of. A pepper gun, on the other hand, has a direct nozzle that more effectively guides the OC formula in the direction you are aiming for.

The Silver Mace® Pepper Gun is a pepper spray gun with light. An LED flashlight built into your defensive weapon is more useful than just for showing you a path during the night. You can use the bright light to suddenly shock and blind your opponent, giving you a few more seconds to aim and fire the pepper gun.

Surprising them with the light gives you an advantage, and it allows you to aim properly, ensuring you will not waste a single burst. You get 7 blasts that reach 25 feet. Even if you were being assaulted by more than one or two people, you would still have a high chance of defending yourself due to these features.

Security guards and police officers tend to carry one pepper spray, a flashlight, and a gun. You get to mix the first two in one product, and it is designed like a handgun so it becomes easier and more intuitive to use. Defending yourself should not take months of practice, and this pepper gun is a perfect testament to that.

 Mace Pepper Gun comes with:

  • Pepper Gun dispenser
  • One 28 gram OC cartridge
  • One Water test cartridge
  • Batteries (for LED light)

Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 1 1/2"

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