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Mace® Pepper Gun - Pink

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Mace® Pepper Gun - Pink uses Advanced Delivery System utilizing Bag-in-a-Can Technology.

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Detailed Description

Mace® Pepper Spray Gun Pink Model for Women

It is a dangerous world out there on the streets, especially at night, and it is even more dangerous for women. That is why it is really important for the ladies to carry pepper spray for self-defense. However, it is not enough for them to carry just any pepper spray for protection against vermin on the streets. The weapon has to be easy to aim and fire. There is a pepper spray gun pink variant made by Mace® that fits the bill perfectly because it works just like a water pistol.

Pepper spray is great for personal protection because it does not rely on the user’s strength to be effective. It gives the target a burning pain in the eyes and on the skin and trouble breathing, which disable temporarily but do not kill or injure permanently. Once the suspect is down, the victim can escape and call for help from bystanders or call 9-1-1. This means safe self-defense because there is no fighting back involved.

The Mace® Pepper Gun Pink Model uses an advanced delivery system with Bag-in-a-Can technology. This makes it superior to other pepper sprays because it lets you fire the Mace Pepper Gun pink version continuously instead of in bursts, from any angle, even upside down. Even if you have fallen down or are otherwise at an awkward angle, you can still fire the gun pepper spray at your attacker.

The weapon is equipped with a trigger-activated LED light that is good not only for seeing a target at night but for blinding them with the glare, too.

This hot pepper spray gun has a 28-gram OC cartridge containing 7 bursts with a range of 25 feet. There is also a water cartridge for practice firing or if you want to do a pepper gun demonstration, for example.

It is a good idea to experiment with different types of carry to find out which one suits you best. Place the weapon in your pocket, or for the best fit, the holster available from Mace, and practice drawing the gun from its hiding place and flicking off the safety before firing. You could get extra water cartridges and do some target practice so you will be confident that you will be able to both draw the pepper gun smoothly and hit an assailant, too.

Cheap-quality alternatives shoot at a lower velocity, are less accurate, and can’t be fired from just any angle.

The accuracy of the Mace® Pepper Gun is proven. From about 20 feet, demos have proven that it is easy to hit the target, with little trajectory needed. And, although it holds 7 blasts good for a 25-foot range, it is good for about 12 to 15 shots at closer ranges.

Another plus for this pink pepper spray gun is that it is user-friendly. Loading an OC/pepper cartridge is simple and straightforward. Also, if you are switching from carrying a small revolver for defense to this neat non-lethal alternative, both the look and feel of the pepper gun will be familiar to you.

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