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Mace® Pepper Gun Leather Holster

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Mace® Pepper Gun Leather Holster for Mace® Pepper Guns

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Detailed Description

Long Distance Mace Pepper Gun Black Leather Holster

Keeping your Mace® pepper spray gun in a Mace Pepper Gun black leather pepper spray holster will allow you to reach for it and access it in seconds. You will notice that most police officers and security guards holster their pepper and taser guns at their waist. This is for practical reasons – in an emergency, you should be able to take out your weapon quickly.

With a holster such as the Mace® Pepper Gun Leather Holster, you will always have your weapon within reach. It is important because you will have less than five seconds in most emergencies to take out whatever you have for self-defense. Any longer than that and the attacker could overtake you.

Keeping pepper spray in a bag or pouch is a bad idea. You will waste time unzipping the bag, looking around inside, and then taking it out. Those were seconds you could have used to make sure the pepper gun’s safety is off or seconds to aim and fire at an incoming attacker.

The Mace Pepper Gun holster is specifically designed with a belt loop, allowing you to holster the device at your waist or on a chest strap. It features a snap closure, which makes it easy to open and lock, unlike the difficult and time-wasting knobs or buttons that other holsters have.

Private pepper gun owners will benefit from having a holster, but neighborhood watches and private guards will have the most kick out of these. Attackers might think you are pulling out a real gun, discouraging them instantly from continuing their plans.

It is a holster for the Mace® Pepper Gun but more than just an accessory for quick and easy reach. The design ensures it will not fall off even when you are running or jumping. The simple snap closure ensures people can’t steal it off your waist. You will not find it difficult to take the gun pepper spray out but other people will. You will feel it and be able to stop them immediately.

Using this pepper spray gun holster also makes your weapon easier to hide. With the pepper gun at your waist, you can easily hide it under your shirt or jacket. When a mugger or rapist is following you, simply reach for your weapon underneath and bring it out. The attacker would not even see it until it was too late.

The Mace® Pepper Gun comes in matte black, silver, pink, or camo. Cute pepper sprays often do not have a good holster that suits their colors, but this pepper spray gun case has a sleek black exterior that works perfectly with any of those.

Pepper guns can be more effective than pepper sprays because of their intuitive design that makes them quicker to use. They are easier to aim with since they are designed like real guns and their barrels give them better distance – you can easily reach 25 feet with one. Keep yours in a leather holster and you will always have a powerful self-defense tool at hand.

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