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MACE Pepper Gard Red Purse Model

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Detailed Description

Mace® PepperGard Red Purse Model Ladies Pepper Spray

In many situations, most women do not want to be carrying around large bags, especially if they are wearing a dress or something formal and elegant. What they prefer is a tiny purse that contains just the essentials, including their phones, lipstick, and car keys. They consider this purse as more of a small device than a bag, which is why it feels more like an arm attachment to them. And because a ladies pepper spray is small enough to fit in such purses, potential attackers are not going to think that what their victim is taking out of the purse is already a self defense device.

The pepper spray is the most common type of self-defense spray, especially among women. This very popular personal protection device is non-lethal, handy, and small enough to fit inside even the smallest bags. The best types of pepper sprays are those small enough that you can easily carry each one on your person or inside your purse, making you appearly defenseless until the spray hits your attacker.

One of your most ideal options when it comes to a purse size pepper spray is the Mace® PepperGard® Red Purse Model. Aside from providing you with the protection you need from vicious animals, this pepper spray that looks like lipstick features a 10% pepper spray formula, one of the hottest concentrations of capsaicinoids available. It contains oleoresin capsicum, a compound that, upon contact with the skin, eyes, or the throat, results in an intense, painful burning sensation. If the spray hits the eyes directly, it causes the eyes to shut instantly. The effects last for up to 45 minutes, enough time for you to get away and seek help.

With the power of the discreet Mace® PepperGard® Red Purse Pepper Spray, you can always stay protected and have a way to defend yourself against assailants. Its small size makes it very easy to fit inside your purse. Since it is highly likely that you do not let go of your purse, you can easily reach into it and grab the pepper spray in the event that you find yourself facing a sexual predator or a mugger. And, because you are reaching into your purse, your attacker is not going to assume you are about to use a powerful pepper spray on him/her.

When you carry around a small pepper spray for females, you are always prepared to defend yourself against attackers. Many pepper sprays are designed to be carried on one’s person, and since they are small enough, other people are oblivious of them. This gives you the advantage that you need if you suddenly find yourself facing an assailant. In addition, since the Mace® PepperGard® purse pepper spray with UV dye looks like a lipstick, you can surprise your attacker even more.

You should also know that fashion pepper sprays for women are effectively disguised by all the pretty features you can go for, such as rhinestones. You also have several other pretty color choices, like gold and hot pink, further making them look like a lipstick.

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