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MACE Pepper Gard Black Purse Model

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Where fashion meets safety and security! Carry this Red Purse model with you as a discreet Pepper Spray when going out or for everyday protection in your purse.

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Detailed Description

Mace® PepperGard® Black Purse Size Pepper Spray

Some women are never without a small purse that contains everyday essentials they simply can’t be without. If you are one of these women, consider adding one extra thing to those essentials: a purse size pepper spray for self-defense. It takes up about the same amount of space as your car keys or your lipstick, and it can give you some much-needed peace of mind when you are walking, driving, or jogging around in some pretty dangerous neighborhoods.

The Mace® PepperGard Black Purse Model comes in a size that fits comfortably into any small purse. At 4 inches tall and just an inch wide, this dispenser of 10% OC spray comes in a deceptively tiny and harmless-looking package that can give you the ability to surprise any would-be attacker.

Because this particular model is a lipstick looking pepper spray, you can take it in and out of your purse without attracting unwanted attention. The same can’t be said for bulkier standard models. This one is much, much more discreet. Even without its safety cap on, it does not even remotely resemble any weapon. In fact, one thing you probably have to be careful of is sharing cosmetics with other girls, as they might mistake this tactical female pepper spray for harmless makeup.

Getting sprayed with 10% pepper spray, whether accidentally or on purpose, is certain to absolutely ruin a person's day. Anyone who gets sprayed in the face is almost instantly immobilized. This is all thanks to the burning pain that occurs upon contact, but that is not all.

That pain is caused by inflammation on the face and in parts of the respiratory system and lachrymal glands, which is where the OC or oleoresin capsicum substance permeates. This causes an overproduction of mucus and tears as the body struggles to deal with the foreign irritant. The eyes close shut to prevent further inflammation and pain. It will be one of the worst, most painful experience for any adult.

All that makes it effective at stopping criminals. And when you are armed with possibly the best pepper spray for purse carrying women, these intensely painful effects can come at your attacker without any warning. And surprise is not the only advantage of a fashionably tiny weapon.

Because it fits snugly into most purses already carried by women, the Mace® Black Purse Pepper Spray is sure to be within reach whenever necessary. You will be able to draw and fire it with the same quickness as when you retrieve your phone from your purse to check your messages.

Should your attacker still somehow have the energy to escape and disappear after getting sprayed, don't worry. The Mace® PepperGard purse pepper spray with UV dye comes with a backup plan. UV dye stains the sprayed attacker for hours, even after the pepper spray itself has worn off, allowing them to be identifiable with ultraviolet or UV light.

Purse pepper sprays for women bridge the gap between self-defense and fashion. This one can shoot up to 10 feet in 5 quick bursts.

 Dimensions: 4" x 1"

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