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MACE KeyGuard Pepper Spray Soft Case Pink Camo Model

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This pepper sprays contain oleoresin capsicum – a naturally occurring substance derived from cayenne peppers that creates an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes and throat, and causes an attacker’s eyes to slam shut upon direct contact.

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Detailed Description

Pepper Spray in Pink Case for Fearless Females

Pepper spray is a great way to defend yourself from attackers, thieves, and other criminals. For exempla, you may use a pink pepper spray. Several women do since pink is a color that speaks to them. A pepper spray in pink case like this one from MACE is a huge option for many women in championing themselves when they are being attacked in any way.

This pepper spray from MACE KeyGuard© that is pink is only one of numerous routes, especially for females. However, some think that it is the only color for them, and they do not want any other type of defense spray. For those people, there can only be pink pepper spray to represent fearless females, and also maybe a pink Taser or a pink stun gun.

For many people, a defense spray is an immense choice in guarding yourself against criminals like assailants and robbers. Of course, there are numerous types of such sprays, from large and small to blue and black. Some have other weapons in them. These include a MACE KeyGuard spray that is also a mini baton. Another is the MACE KeyGuard Pepper Spray Soft Case Pink Camo Model, which is this one.

A defense spray that several people, mostly female, use is the pink kind. Several women use pepper spray in a pink case because pink is the color most associated with the female sensibility and which most women associate with love. Represent yourself with this pink case defense spray.

Aside from pink pepper spray, there are also the gold, black, blue, red and purple pepper sprays. Some have a leatherette or rhinestone hostel, while others have a colored injection-molded hostel or a soft case.

There are many different types of pink pepper, from hot pink and deep pink to baby pink, pink camouflage, and pink with polka dots. This one is a soft pink, and it has a soft case. It is for nighttime defense. This pepper spray with a pink case is from MACE.

This is the MACE KeyGuard© pepper spray with a soft case that is pink. Although it can be use all day, every day, it is best for night defense. If you are on the streets, in a bar or a club, or in a restaurant or a café, and it is the night, then the defense spray is the right one for you.

Even if you are in somebody’s house or your own home, a pepper spray make this KeyGuard© pink one from MACE can save you from assailants or robbers. If you are at work, in your car, or in a cab, especially at nighttime, then it will secure you from goons and crooks.

Defense sprays like this MACE KeyGuard© Pepper Spray Soft Case Pink Camo Model can protect you from thieves, goons, and attackers. They do it without hurting or killing your assailant or really anyone else. Instead, the effects of pepper sprays last mostly for 30 to 45 minutes.

Pepper sprays are easy tools for you abs everyone else to use. The small ones, like this MACE KeyGuard© spray, take top marks in that regard. Nobody will observe that you are holding one until it is too late for them.

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