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Mace® Hot Pink Pepper Spray Purse Model

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Pink just got Hotter! Mace Hot Pink Pepper Sprays come in a wide variety of models for those who prefer to carry their choice of personal defense in stylish pink.

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Detailed Description

Women’s Hot Pink Pepper Spray Mace Personal Model

The best self-defense weapons for women are ones that suit their current lifestyle choices. Ways to travel light are always welcome ideas, for example, whether they are going out dancing with friends or to a birthday party with the kids. The hot pink pepper spray Mace offers in a personal size is one such weapon that is perfect for traveling light. As a bonus, it is not in any hideous color that can ruin a carefully constructed outfit just like that.

Women have a wealth of experience in lugging a school bag, shopping cart, or baby stroller around. They would know that it is an awful idea to carry a large pepper spray for protection. It is so heavy and bulky that you are bound to put it down for a second or might be tempted to leave it behind sometimes. One of those times could be the time you are attacked.

In contrast, small pepper sprays are ideal to have on you at all times. Their meager size is not only a source of convenience. Small weapons are also barely noticeable, so that predators would not be forewarned and everyone else would not feel uncomfortable. In addition, because women usually do not wear loose clothing, they could use a compact pepper spray that would not bulge out of their clothes.

Personal pepper sprays in particular are made to be small yet have enough content to cut an attack short. The Mace® Personal Model Hot Pink 10% Pepper Spray gives a woman 18 grams worth 10 one-second bursts. This means she gets around ten tries to spray one or more assailants. And those bursts of 10% OC can hit 8 to 12 feet away.

Oleoresin capsicum, or OC, is the primary ingredient in pepper spray. Extracted from the chemical capsaicin that comes from peppers, it brings about a severe burning sensation and difficulty in breathing. The high-grade OC in Mace® Pepper Sprays can cause all that as well ceaseless coughing and choking, plus it can swell the eyes until they slam shut. These non-lethal effects last for 20 to 30 minutes, time that should be used to escape, get to safety, and go find help.

Pink is not just a cosmetic choice of color for ladies’ panic pepper spray, either. It can create a fun or sexy look, for sure, and this sort of look disguises the fact that it is a debilitating weapon. A hot pink panic pepper spray will not be recognized right away, if at all, for what it really is. Aggressors drop their guard when they think you are defenseless, much to your advantage. No Mace hot pink pepper spray review would be complete without pointing out the idea behind the color.

This hot color dresses a tiny package that can fit a purse or be carried without any hassle. It’s got a flip-top safety cap, finger-grip dispenser and key chain. And budget-conscious women would love to know they can buy their Mace® hot pink pepper spray wholesale for lower rates or even become resellers.

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