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MACE Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model Silver

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MACE Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model Silver

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Detailed Description

Mace® Exquisite Silver Rhinestone Girl Protection Pepper Spray

Women need protection from muggers, rapists, and random attackers because women are attacked more than men are. However, it is not practical for a woman to carry a large weapon with her. The perfect girl protection pepper spray is something small and easy to disguise but still powerful to subdue any attacker.

Women will not carry bags all the time, especially when clubbing or just hanging out with their friends, but you can always expect a woman to carry a purse or handbag. These small pouches carry only the essentials – lipstick, mirror, foundation, and phone. Now, you can fit a pepper spray.

The Mace® Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model in Silver is a handbag pepper spray, which means it is small enough to fit into the average purse. This pepper spray looks like lipstick, too, so if you pull it out, an attacker would not be alarmed since they would assume it is only makeup.

That is important because studies show that attackers can get more aggressive if they see their potential victim bringing out a weapon. If they think you are only bringing out lipstick, they would lower their guard and you can surprise them by suddenly turning around and spraying them in the face.

Keeping pepper spray in a bag is a bad idea to begin with. It takes too much time to take out, and time is of the essence during an emergency. Keeping it in a purse makes it more convenient to use when needed.

How well does this pepper spray disguise itself? The Mace® Silver Purse Pepper Spray looks like any other lipstick and is even given a silver exterior. You will realize it is pepper spray only when you pull the cap off and see an actuator instead of lipstick.

Sometimes, you can be attacked in places where you thought you would be safe, like in a public bathroom in a bar or club. Some men just walk in and do what they can to harm others. Simply reach for your purse and shock them with a sudden spray to the face. They will never see it coming. All they will see is something silver that looks like makeup.

While designed as a female pepper spray, it does not pull any punches. The Mace® Exquisite purse pepper spray with UV dye contains a high OC (oleoresin capsicum) content so it will instantly cause excessive tearing, choking, coughing, a burning pain, and skin irritation, and it will shut the eyes tight.

What happens if your attacker somehow escapes? They can run but they can’t hide because this pepper spray contains a special UV dye. When illuminated properly, the dye will light up. This is useful in identifying culprits, ensuring they will never be able to escape the authorities.

This small pepper spray gives you 5 one-second bursts. Each burst reaches 10 feet, which allows you to spray even before they get too close for comfort. Keep it in your purse or handbag and you will be able to bring it with you everywhere you go.

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