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MACE Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model Pink

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MACE Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model Pink/p>

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Detailed Description

Mace® Exquisite Pink Rhinestone Pepper Spray for Purse

Women are easy targets for muggers and sexual predators. That is precisely why there are purse pepper sprays for women like the Mace® pink rhinestone pepper spray. When a woman keeps one handy, the scum on the streets had better watch out.

Pepper spray causes a burning pain in the eyes and on the skin. The targeted assailant will be blinded temporarily and will likely drop. While they are writhing on the ground, their would-be victim can get away and call for help from the people in the area or passing cops, or by dialing 9-1-1. The assailant will recover fully after several minutes.

A lady will tend to keep the things she carries to an absolute minimum to maintain a certain look. She might hand-carry a small purse, instead of a bag, containing just the essentials like her house and car keys. This is really great for defense, as she would not have to hunt for her weapon like she would if it were at the bottom of a shoulder bag. She could grab it right away instead.

The Mace® Exquisite Rhinestone Purse Model in Pink is tailor-made for such defensive carry. No attacker would ever believe it is a weapon even if they could see their would-be victim pulling it out of her purse. They would think it is fancy lipstick or some sort of a key chain accessory. By the time they learn what it is, they will be down on the ground.

A woman gets raped every six minutes in the US. More than three million women are beaten up. The fact is most women will be victimized by criminal violence at some point in their lives. Every woman should be armed with pepper spray, and this lipstick Mace pepper spray for working women is also the perfect pepper spray for college students who are female.

It is not just out on the streets where women are at risk. Approximately one-third of rape incidents were committed either near or in the victim’s home. Fifty percent of rape victims were attacked on their first dates.

Women should wear athletic shoes wherever they go. Even if they have to wear heels, they can carry those in a bag and wear those when they arrive at their destination.

Likewise, even the best purse pepper spray is useless if not within reach. Thankfully, hardly any woman will leave home without her purse. With the Mace® Pink Purse Pepper Spray, women will always be prepared to defend themselves in any situation. It’s got a 10% OC (oleoresin capsicum) formulation in a stream, plus UV dye, holding 5 blasts that are good for 10 feet.

The Mace® Exquisite purse pepper spray with UV dye goes beyond protecting you directly. The UV marking dye can easily ID a sprayed suspect, making convictions much easier.

This purse pepper spray is great for concealed weapon carry where that is legal. It is small enough to slip easily into your pocket as well, from where you can grab it fast to stop a violent attack.

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