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MACE Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Purse Model

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MACE Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Purse Model.

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Detailed Description

MACE Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Purse Model Pepper Spray

No one likes to feel defenseless. Unfortunately, women tend to be in more danger than men. Yes, not every man is a violent attacker. But the simple truth is that every woman has had to deal with a violent man. It's no wonder women are worried about what men may do to them! With the MACE Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Purse Model pepper spray on a woman’s purse, pocket, or person, she is not defenseless anywhere, anytime.

Carrying a gun may be legal, but it's not a very good answer to self-defense. If you don't train with it, you won't be able to use it when you need it. What's more, if you're in a public area, shooting a gun is often a terrible idea. If you missed, you could wind up shooting an innocent civilian.

Why is the MACE® Exquisite purse pepper spray in purple polka dot the answer?

Pepper spray is fantastic because you don't have to train with it. You've no doubt already become quite used to pointing a spray bottle and making it spray. Using pepper spray is no different. You just grab the canister, push the button, and spray it in the face of your attacker.

But why the MACE Exquisite purse model pepper spray in particular? Other than it being a MACE® brand pepper spray, which is well-known for being powerful and high-quality, it's also got a purple polka dot canister!

The Exquisite defense spray products of the MACE® brand all have its maximum strength formula of 10% OC pepper stream. Plus they have UV dye so the assailant can’t go far without being found out.

With dimensions of 4" x 1", this MACE Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Purse Model features 5 bursts good for a range of 10 feet. Just spray it and get away to safety!

Get a can of this MACE Exquisite pepper spray and feel safer when you go out.

 Dimensions: 4" x 1"

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