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MACE Exquisite Gold Purse Model

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Introducing the new MACE® Brand Exquisite line! Where fashion meets safety and security!

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Detailed Description

Mace® Exquisite Gold Women's Self Defense Pepper Spray

Women’s self defense pepper spray products are often the best when it comes to design and size. These are the ones that attackers normally can’t anticipate because the pepper sprays rarely look like heavy weapons. The Mace® Exquisite Gold Purse Model Pepper Spray is the perfect example.

It is a purse pepper spray. The lipstick sized pepper spray can fit into the small hand purses that women often carry when they do not want to bring a large bag or satchel. Women may not bring a bag but will always need a purse to carry the bare essentials like lipstick, a phone, and a mirror. Pepper spray small enough to fit into these purses is ideal for women to use.

Pepper spray for purse or handbags would be small, and that gives a woman several advantages. The first is that an attacker would not see the spray being taken out. The second is that if they saw the woman pulling something out of her purse, they would think it was lipstick.

The Mace® Gold Purse Pepper Spray blends easily with the rest of the items in any woman’s purse. It is also very stylish. No woman in her right mind would want to keep an ugly-looking pepper spray that looks like it belongs in a police officer’s holster instead of a nice handbag.

The worst idea is to keep pepper spray in a large bag. It takes too much time to open the bag, fumble around inside, and then finally take out your weapon. In the time that passed, you might have been harmed already. However, keeping a mini pepper spray in your purse makes it easier to reach for.

Instead of going for something simple like pink or white, the Mace® Exquisite purse pepper spray with UV dye has a gold stylish exterior that really makes it look like a real woman’s accessory. It is so stylish that women can even pair what they wear with it. When they get in trouble, they will always have it at hand.

Just because it is small and stylish does not mean this is some downgraded pepper spray. The canister still contains the high oleoresin capsicum formula that can blind and choke any attacker. This one can also cause uncontrolled tearing in the eyes and a severe burning sensation on the skin.

If you are a woman and want to keep yourself safe at all times but you want something small and fashionable enough to fit in your purse, then this is the pepper spray to get. It is disguised well and it fits into any handbag. If you are a guy, then this is the perfect pepper spray for girlfriend potentials or a date.

You get 5 one-second bursts that reach a distance of 10 feet. That gives you ample power to defend yourself in a dark alley on your way home. With its lipstick-shaped design, your attackers would not even assume it was pepper spray until the moment you turn around and blast them in the face.

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